BoM, media, forget heatwave history … again and again

More forgotten gems:

January 5, 1906 – Mildura Reached 50C


06 Jan 1906 – THE HEAT WAVE.

That was 6C warmer than today’s unprecedented heat

Melburnians urged to head home early as ‘unprecedented’ heatwave threatens Metro train network | Herald Sun

Sydney Was Over 100 Degrees 10 Out Of 15 Days In The 1905-1906 Heatwave

January 11, 1898 – Adelaide Was 113F

The 50C forecast for the Pilbara last week? Crickets?  Earlier …

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3 Responses to BoM, media, forget heatwave history … again and again

  1. Carrie-May says:

    When I lived in Ouyen in Victoria in the 1950s – 1960s our town was usually the hottest place in Victoria we used to vie with Mildura to see who was the hottest. On the old scale we often got to 110 – 115 F in the shade, sometimes even hotter, for days on end. At night it would still be 100 F at midnight. [No air-con then only little puny fans blowing hot air around]. You could [and we did] cook an egg on the footpath for laughs. Our teachers at high school went on strike one day it was so hot and left us students outside in the heat while they huddled around a bank of fans they took from the class rooms in the domestic science room. [I found them there when the bell didn’t go off to tell us to come to class.] We kids sat in whatever shade we could find under the Mallee trees and dowsed each other with water from the hose. We were dry again after 5 minutes! Global warming, phhht! It is always hot in summer, get used to it.

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  3. Rob says:

    You forgot about that Saturday. I guess that the lack of Sunday papers is to blame but it reached 123 or 124 F depending on the source, so probably 123.5 F. This is 51 C or the same as the official highest temperature ever recorded in Australia, two days in a row.

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