the game is up …

This will charge up the warmies, in their own bible too:

<i>Illustration: John Shakespeare.</i>Illustration: John Shakespeare.

It was promoted as the voyage to study the melting of ice sheets in the South Pole as well as to retrace Douglas Mawson’s perilous expedition a century ago.

Yet the Australasian Antarctic Expedition, led by UNSW climatologist Chris Turney, has become a comedy goldmine.

The climate-change Cassandras are increasingly marginalised here and abroad

Everything that can go wrong, I can see it now, from the ship of fools, to the Polar vortex, global warming’s game is over. Except for Labor, who vow to have us paying for it for ever.

The pain will go on for a lot longer at ‘Government Media’: Your funds used to hide deception — the BBC’s 28Gate coverup becomes mainstream news

First they take your money to force their opinions over you.

Then they take your money to hide what they were doing, because they knew what they were doing was wrong.

It was a turning point in BBC coverage. The 2006 seminar with “climate experts” turned out to be mostly a workshop with Greenpeace, industry activists and lobbyists. It was the point the BBC dropped even the pretense of impartial news reporting on the climate. After this “high-level” seminar the Beeb announced it didn’t need balance in the climate debate. Then having made out they were so scientific and honorable, they spent the next six years burning more money to hide the names of the experts from the public that paid for them.

Is there any better argument to explain why state funded media is not just a waste of money, but irresponsible, immoral and unethical political advertising?

There is no saving the BBC. Over the last decade climate change was supposedly the “biggest scientific” challenge for the world, and a massive cost to the citizens who were falsely told they needed to change the weather. More than ever, public funds should have been used to analyze both sides of the science and the politics. Instead what we got were the personal views of a select few, pushing their own political activism, while poor people were slugged for the cost of the news, the legal folly,  and worse of all, for the pointless expensive electricity. […]

David Rose, Mail on Sunday, read on.

The ABC however appear to be doubling down on scares, this morning it was marine snails that are in climate change strife according to ABC radio, though first reported a week ago. Jumping snails could lose ability to jump as CO2 rises

yesterday all the gum trees were going to die.

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1 Response to the game is up …

  1. old44 says:

    “The climate-change Cassandras are increasingly marginalised here and abroad”

    Not exactly a great simile, Cassandra although always correct was never believed.

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