ABC, suffering from climate change …

I wonder how ‘their’ ABC managed to work this one out. Which climate change group filled them in on this.

Just like how the BBC behaved, perhaps .

Not too far away and ‘their’ ABC will be suffering from climate change too. The kind that involves removal of taxpayer owned wallets from their possession.

Professor Clive McAlpine moaned: “The future is looking grim for some species of Australian eucalyptus trees, as they feel the impact of more severe heatwaves, droughts and floods.”

Has this bloke been in a bubble? That’s a great description of Australia’s weather. Just add fire and there you have it. I’d be more worried about a fungus disease now spreading through NSW and up to Queensland. Nothing to do with climate change so it will never get an ABC mention. Enough said: Biography. Associate Professor McAlpine‘s research is at the interface of landscape ecology, biodiversity conservation and climate change at UQ’s Global Change Institute! Now that’s a bubble:

Of course, ‘their’ ABC can’t help themselves, mention the two words climate change, and it’s prime time news!

But, do they really believe this is a good move?

UPDATE, so, when does the spinning start?: […] But, when global warming becomes difficult to sell (because the average person sees a snow-plow clearing the streets on a below-zero evening) the leftists do what they do best… They begin to spin.

“This weather is unprecedented!” they scream. Of course a little bit of research, again, puts a muzzle on their alarmism. While left-wing bloggers might be prepared to showcase a frozen Niagara Falls as proof of “extreme” weather patterns, similar photos from the 1890’s, 1910’s and 1930’s dull their argument of extremism.

Check this out Professor, ought to dull your argument a bit eh?: January 16-20, 1908 – Melbourne Was Over 40C Every Day

Apparently BOM did not have a shortage of crayons in 1908.

ScreenHunter_1530 Jan. 11 18.16

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4 Responses to ABC, suffering from climate change …

  1. wazsah says:

    Thanks Tom for highlighting this idiocy. I saw it on ABC news half an hour ago and near choked on my cuppa cocoa.

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  4. Tom, re Niagara Falls, I have a picture of the falls in early Nov 1969 with iced covered bushes looking at the narrowed falls, then a picture at the same spot around March 1970 with the bushes solid lumps of ice and the falls STOPPED. We watched the race across the St Lawrence River in Quebec city. Normally there is ice at the edges over which they carry the canoes and then paddle in the middle. On this day the ice was fully covering the river but was weak in the middle causing all the carriers of the canoes to get wet- air temperature about -10F low enough to make eyeballs freeze after about 10 minutes, have to wear goggles to watch.

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