hottest ever … every year, after data tampering

The 1930’s were the hottest years on record, until the climate scientists started fiddling the figures. They forgot that news reports have been archived. Some years in the 19th Century were hotter too.

MORE DEATHS IN N.S.W. Hottest Weather Since 1896.
The West Australian (Perth, WA : 1879 – 1954) Monday 1 February 1932 p 6 Article

Hiding the dust bowl heat:

More on Clarinda, Iowa. The blue line is the measured thermometer data. As you can see, the 1930s was very hot there. The red line shows temperatures after USHCN adjustments.

The Dust Bowl is gone, through the magic of government software.

January 3, 1935 : Roses And Daffodils Blooming In Britain

04 Jan 1935 – WINTER HEAT WAVE IN BRITAIN (Special to “The Min…

ScreenHunter_1122 Dec. 31 09.11

16 Mar 1940 – World’s Climate Hotter

In fact, ‘hottest for years’ was repeated nearly every summer! HOTTEST FOR YEARS

The Maitland Daily Mercury (NSW : 1894 – 1939), Wednesday 11 January 1933, page 5

National Library of Australia

The Border Morning Mail and Riverina Times (Albury, NSW : 1903 – 1920) Monday 22 May 1911
First, they moved the weather stations from post offices to airports. 
Then they adjusted data downward for the first half of the Century.
Then they closed some older rural stations where long term records showed little warming.
Then they adjusted recent weather data upwards.
Omitting results of the 19th Century catastrophes.
Leaving out the influence of UHI:  
Then make it all up: What does it all mean?

There is no denying it was hot in some parts of Australia this summer, and may have been extreme, though that is certainly not true for the parts where most Australians live. But whether the nation as a whole experienced record heat depends on how its measured, and as I’ll post tomorrow, the “average” of a whole continent can be measured many different ways with many different data-sets.

Why is the BOM seeking headlines and declaring records, when the data-set and methods are so unfinished they have not been released publicly? (Plenty of errors and flaws and mysterious adjustments have been found in past sets.) Why is the BOM focused on one season, or a few weeks of heat, when it’s only the long term trends that matter (as they remind us whenever it’s cold)? Why won’t the BOM announce how temperatures are averaged and measured before they announce the records?

Why are the BOM seeding the idea that this summer “felt” hot to Australians when it’s not just unscientific, but incorrect?

Why do they focus on one hot day in Moomba, when the records there are so short they would have missed all the previous hot spells? Those previous hot spells broke the Moomba records over and over and a long time ago.

In the end, even if it was a record hot summer, that doesn’t mean CO2 caused any of it. The world has been warming for 300 years. The world has been warmer before. None of that was connected to CO2 levels. Read it all

Of course they will find hotter weather when all the above are implemented.
Bring it on, I say, record  crops appear to be the result.

UPDATE: Warwick Hughes has the last laugh: Brisbane tipped to hit 41° on 4 Jan 2014 but reality was 38°

Typical headline beating up what is normal hot weather.

Reality not so glam. for the warmists.

For over a week now I have been puzzled by TV weather ladies talking about 50° here and there at places back of the black stump. Has anybody seen a 50° clock in anywhere yet. I suppose it must happen sometime – after all the BoM adjusted their map scales to go over 50.


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5 Responses to hottest ever … every year, after data tampering

  1. Leigh says:

    Now if we could some bloody politician to call them to account.
    Your telling us old blokes what we already know.
    But in the eyes of the global warmists/fraudsters who are collecting big time our opinion doesn’t count.

  2. tony says:

    invented numbers passed off as measurements
    areal gridded temperatures constructed after homogenization
    and passed off as “measurements show hottest/angry blah blah..”

    the BOM/CSIRO deceit is staggering and saddening

    when they recall those who bastardized the Science for gain ,never let these two off

    the sun rules..c02 is not pollution..and a dry gas cannot trap heat and “reheat ” an already lower warmer tropsphere..violates 2 nd L.O.T

    Where a False Truth has sucked out so much endevour and money from those that desperately cry out for our help and monies….shame BOM/CSIRO..shame on you

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