“the game is up”, on man made global warming …

The cult of global warming is slowly unraveling, with help from the passengers of the ship of fools. From Icecap, it’s dart throwing monkeys that can predict better: Climate change is cyclical, not man-made

Climate change experts no more likely to be right than dart throwing monkeys

By Stephen Murgatroyd

Despite admitting that predicting climate change in not possible, the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) continues to propagate the likelihood of climate “catastrophe” and is demanding that nations take drastic action to mitigate it.

The actual evidence, however, suggests that the climate is undergoing natural cyclical change and that the “man-made” impacts are small. But this isn’t stopping policy makers from acting on models and scenarios, culled from “experts”, which remain unsupported by compelling “real world” evidence.[…]

Read the rest at the link provided.

The UK’s Daily mail understands: […] Unfortunately for those scientists and activists who have gained so much attention from pushing the global warming agenda — while they ultimately may be proved right — the real world evidence does not currently appear to be on their side.

As the most recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report admitted for the first time, there has been no significant rise in global temperature since 1997. This 16-year ‘pause’ was not predicted by any of the computer models on which the IPCC has long based its warnings of extreme global warming.

But will any of these inconvenient truths get a mention in the breathless accounts describing the Spirit of Mawson expedition’s last moments as the 85-strong company are finally rescued by helicopter?

That’s about as likely as a snowball’s chance in hell.

From WUWT: […] As the nonsense runs down, the game is up

[…] Do not underestimate the importance of the IPCC’s climbdown, albeit that it is furtive and that there is not a hint of it in the Summary for Policymakers – the only part of the latest assessment that lazy politicians and incurious journalists may ever get around to reading.


Figure 9. Five projections of global warming, 1990-2050, compared with the linear trends on two observed datasets. IPCC projections are mid-range estimates. The trend (green) on the HadCRUt4 monthly global mean surface temperature anomalies reflects the warming at 0.11 K decade–1 observed since 1950. The trend (dark green) on the RSS satellite data reflects the zero trend that has now persisted for more than 17 years. Both observed trends are extrapolated to 2050.

If anyone ever again tries to tell you The Science Is Settled, as the now-axed Klimate Kommissariat in Australia is still trying to do in its latest taxpayer-funded propaganda sheet, point to Fig. 9 and ask two questions.

First, point to the red zone marked Projections and ask which of the very wide range of official projections The Science has Settled upon.

Secondly, point to the green zone marked Observations and ask why the real climate has so persistently failed to pay any attention to the Settled Science.

Then sit back and listen to the increasingly demoralized and disjointed flannel […]

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