analysing BoM agenda driven results … found, dead parrots

The media continue touting ‘hottest ever’, despite evidence to the contrary. Satellite data does not agree with BoM that 2013 was hottest ever, far from it. Hottest summer record in Australia? Not so, says UAH satellite …

The wayback machine: HOTTEST FOR 40 YEARS 121 Degrees At 2 a.m. In Queensland Brisbane, January 31.

The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1931 – 1954) Monday 1 February 1932 p 5 Article
HOTTEST FOR 40 YEARS 121 Degrees At 2 a.m. In Queensland Brisbane, January 31. The heat wave is causing considerable able anxiety. At Quilpie at 2 am. on Saturday the temperature was 121 degrees, grees, and at 8 o’clock on Friday night it was 110 degrees. The heat for the week averaged lIS … 127 words

From this online converter, that temp is 49.44C.

Heat waves are a constant in Australia’s environment, the ’30s being amongst the hottest:

CONTINENT PARCHED BY HEAT WAVE Deaths And Destruction In Victorian Forest Fires 4th SUCCESSIVE CENTURY IN ADELAIDE No Alleviation In Sight HOTTEST JANUARY DAY FOR 33 YEARS Drought …
The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1931 – 1954) Tuesday 10 January 1939 p 15 Article
… CENTURY IN ADELAIDE No Alleviation In Sight HOTTEST JANUARY DAY FOR 33 YEARS Drought In Queensland And … the whole continent is being severely affected by the heat wave, and the droughts in Queensland and … except Tasmania, and even there water shortages arc being experienced outside the capital. Queensland … 345 words

Of course, that was before BoM decided to instigate a climate change agenda and make downward adjustments to the data of the first half of the last Century.

Single record temperatures are usually free from adjustment due to their widespread media coverage:

Heat Kills Birds in Queensland CHARLEVILLE (QLD.), Thurs.
Advocate (Burnie, Tas. : 1890 – 1954) Friday 30 December 1938 Edition: DAILY p 7 Article
… Heat Kills Birds in Queensland CHARLEVILLE (QLD.), Thurs. In the hottest weather for 40 years verandah readings of 115 and 125 (51.6C) degrees have been recorded. Birds are dropping dead off the trees, and many parrots have been found dead in clusters. Nearly all stock routes are closed, and most graziers … 65 words

So I ask the BoM, where can I find the dead parrot clusters from last year’s heat.

I would not like to be near any airport runway on a hot day, where most instruments are placed. If they did not show it warmer, I would be most surprised, as cities and air traffic continue to grow. Of course, none of this ever comes to the notice of the media.

Moving instruments:Australian Bureau of Meteorology replaces the century old Melbourne Regional Office weather observation site in the Melbourne CBD

They are launching a new Melbourne weather observation site at Olympic Park – surrounded on two sides by tarmac car parks. And of course a freeway just out of view behind the photographer.

I enjoyed how the BoM manages to write 309 words on the subject yet avoids the term “urban heat island”. IMHO it is quite possible that the new site could warm due to increasing urban effects at a faster rate than the old.

This is how later temperature records give higher readings, its called UHI or Urban Heat Island effect. Closing down old rural stations also causes a rising trend.

Ken’s Kingdom does a full analysis: 2013 Minimum Temperatures Released and see also: No Warming in North Australia for 31 Years

Something for the media: Eleven Global Warming Stories From 2013 You Probably Never Heard Of

Global warming? Bring it back say the passengers on the ship of fools. Don’t Look At The Frozen Ship!

says those Stuck on a ship of (cold) fools …

UPDATE from a comment on Warwick Hughes blog, linked above:

As the summer advanced, the temperature became torrid, and on the morning of the 6th of February, 1851, the air which blew down from the north resembled the breath of a furnace. A fierce wind arose, gathering strength and velocity from hour to hour, until about noon it blew with the violence of a tornado.

The Argus newspaper of the time reported the temperature on “Black Thursday” to be 117 deg F. The BOM didn’t exist then and CO2 levels were “ideal”?

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