breaking the ice …

The first icebreaker, Xue Long, looks to have reversed out of the ice, without reaching the stricken tourists, expeditioners, leaving a ‘pink ribbon’ track:

Click on “Show on live map” to view the vessel’s track. It would appear there was a little more ice than expected

The Aurora australis is still some time away …

It must be that cheap realestate that is attracting tourists there. Buy Your Antarctic Property While It Is Still Cheap

Will The Real Antarctica Please Stand Up?

In 2004, Britain’s most brilliant government scientist said that Antarctica is the only place humans can survive global warming

ScreenHunter_949 Dec. 27 11.57

Why Antarctica will soon be the <i>only</i> place to live – literally – Environment – The Independent

And now, a Guardian global warming reporter says that the Antarctic summer is too cold for humans.

ScreenHunter_959 Dec. 27 17.15

Antarctica Live day 18: stuck in a white Christmas | Science | The Guardian

97% of skeptics believe that the climate consensus consists of complete morons.

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1 Response to breaking the ice …

  1. A.D. Everard says:

    “97% of skeptics believe that the climate consensus consists of complete morons.”

    That should be a t-shirt. You’d make a mint.

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