solar power exaggeration of 800% …

The Brisbane Courier Mail, right on cue, hoodwink their readers. An exaggeration of 800% on solar power is no small feat, but is consistent with the way the media pushes their agenda. Tony from Oz has done the calculations over at Jonova’s in a comment on a post about Tim Flannery’s misses:

Here’s the link to that article, and all the relevant truth is in that second sentence.

Solar panels turn suburban homes into Queensland’s fourth biggest power station

That sentence says this:

New figures show the combined generating capacity of solar panels in the Sunshine State has hit nearly one gigawatt. That’s enough electricity to power 150,000 homes, a city the size of Cairns.

That actually sounds like serious amounts of power, and again, not how they use that totally bogus X number of homes meme to make it sound even bigger, and that even add for emphasis the city of that size.

So, One GigaWatt, or 1000MW. Now that is substantial.

Is it really?

The industry equivalent used in all case like this for the power consumption for an average home is 20KWH per day. (Some even claim higher to boost that total, even going as high as 22KWH per day, which then worked over a year is in fact quite a lot extra, considering that figure is then multiplied by the thousands of homes used in the end total)

So then, for the actual total generated power, that calculation is:

20KWH X 365.25 (days in a year, leap year added) X 150,000 homes gives us an end total of 1095.75GWH.

Theoretical Total is Nameplate X 24 (hours in a day) X 365.25 (days in a year)so:

1GW X 24 X 365.25 which comes in at 8766GWH.

Capacity Factor is actual versus Theoretical which gives us a CF of 12.5%

Again, this is also a theoretical CF based upon the hoped for generation data, but hey, I can work it out for that figure, and realistically, it would be lower than that even.

So now we have 1GW of installed Nameplate Capacity, at a CF of 12.5%, which means all those 360,000 rooftop Solar panel Installations are generating the equivalent of 125MW.


That is most definitely NOT the fourth largest power plant in Queensland.

As those installations are spread out across the length and breadth of the Large State of Queensland, then not one traditional power plant in that State is supplying less power.

Nearly all of that generated electricity is being consumed by the residences themselves, because the average sized unit is slightly less than 2KW only. So, very (very) little power is being fed back to the grids across the State for use in other consumption areas.

As to supplying a city like Cairns, I feel absolutely certain that Cairns requires power for more than 3 Hours, (that 12.5% Capacity Factor)

The average person reads an article like this and thinks that rooftop solar power is in fact making a difference.

It’s not, and on top of that, every other consumer in the State is paying for it with quite large increases in the cost of the power they consume.

The public are being hoodwinked, by not being told the truth.

They can’t help themselves. Keep reading  →to see about how Tim Flannery misses every prediction he makes.

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