media’s obsession … Abbott Derangement Syndrome

They are partisans without a policy. They are journalists without judgment”

A question is asked. Steve Kates at Catallaxy is confused on what the left (Labor/Green) really want.

[…] Do they actually want the things that Labor did? Do they want an open borders policy? Are they happy to see boat people drown to prove some obscure point? Do they want us to spend our way into perennial debt? Are they happy to see money thrown away on one wasteful project after another? Do they want Australia’s relationships with Indonesia and China poisoned in perpetuity?

These people make no sense to me. They are partisans without a policy. They are journalists without judgment. Where do their opinions come from? How do they get to write for newspapers or pontificate at the ABC? Do they think there is a perfect world in the offing if only this, that or the other?

Shallow, ignorant and dangerous. Their aim is to prove that a free press has limits. But a free press also must be disciplined by the market. Let The Age and The SMH do their worst. If there is a market for the junk they write, well on you go. But the ABC, it belongs to all of us and if we no longer want what they offer what is to be done? I can only hope that someone has a plan because it is an organisation out of control. (my bold)

The left’s alternate world:

The daily Abbott hate of The Age:



Intelligence is hard to find at ‘your’ ABC too:


NO WONDER our spies tried to get intelligence from Indonesia. Finding signs of intelligence here would be much harder.

The ABC’s decision to publish intelligence secrets stolen by the traitor Edward Snowden has whipped the Left into an extraordinary orgy of cant, conspiracy theories and stupidity.

As usual, the ABC provided the theatre of the most absurd after it revealed our spies had monitored the phones of the president, his wife and his ministers.

Take Julian Burnside QC, the celebrity “human rights” lawyer who told the ABC he had a theory why Abbott hadn’t apologised to Indonesia.

(Read full article here.)

Drowning, courtesy of ‘their’ ABC:

[…] ASYLUM-SEEKERS heading to Christmas Island are at greater risk of drowning if their boats sink, as Jakarta’s ban on co-operation with Australia in the Indonesian search and rescue region has not been lifted. […]

It’s pretty obvious to me that the hate that was obvious pre-election, has increased in intensity  as the Abbott Government winds back all the stupidity and excesses of the previous Gillard/Rudd/Greens ‘Regime’*.


*Regime is the term that Fairfax papers use to describe the Abbott government that overwhelmingly trounced their own selection, but ‘regime’ is more suited to the Left coalition that was only able to stay in power due to their support of Craig Thomson, due again in Court next week on corruption and theft charges. He is accused of using Health and Services Union funds for prostitutes and other excesses.

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