ABC’s Media Watch … ABC’s Media Joke

Absolutely hopeless. Tim Blair nails them: PAUL BARRY CAN’T TYPE

An attempted sledge from the ABC’s $191,259 media expert Paul Barry:


Sadly, Barry doesn’t know how to work the internets. In the fumble-fingered tradition of ABC boss Mark Scott, Barry mistakenly aimed that message, along with several others, at a digital cinema producer in Brooklyn rather than the popular local Sky host.

UPDATE. According to Jonathan Holmes, Barry “is paid for his credibility.”


Tim Blair Tuesday, November 26, 2013 (4:44am)

Media Watch host Paul Barry demands answers over the Daily Telegraph‘s Nathan Rees sex scandal coverage:

We … asked if they’d actually spoken to the unnamed lover … Sadly, the Tele has not answered those questions, or confirmed that it actually spoke to the woman

Sadly, it turns out that taxpayer-funded $191,259 15-minutes-per-week ABC host Barry, his six researchers, two post-production editors, producer’s assistant, production executive, director, supervising producer, story editor, and $146,000 executive producer Lin Buckfield can’t read. Here’s the Telegraph‘s November 21 report:

Mr Rees’ 40-year-old former lover broke her silence, saying she regretted becoming involved with him … his former lover said yesterday: “I deeply regret my involvement in any of this,” adding she wanted to leave the issue behind her.

A couple of clues there that the Telegraph did indeed speak with the woman. Paying just $1.20 for last Thursday’s paper should have been sufficient for Media Watch to be aware of this. A correction from Barry would be nice, but he’s now on holidays for three months – during which he’ll receive $47,814 of your money.

It get’s worse, the taxpayer (you) is going to keep paying up, for ABC stupidity (defamation):

ABC demands licence to be vile

I am not a fan of defamation proceedings, but I’m far less impressed by an ABC now so out of control that it vilifies conservative critics and spends taxpayers’ money defending its right to call them “dog f…ers”:

Lawyers for Chris Kenny, a journalist and commentator with The Australian and Sky News, have lodged a statement of claim in the NSW Supreme Court against the ABC, Chaser presenter Andrew Hansen and production company Giant Dwarf for images and words broadcast on September 11 that referred to Kenny as “a dog f . . ker”…

The statement of claim also alleges the imputation the plaintiff’s “attacks on the ABC were so dishonorable . . . that he deserved to be compared to . . . a person who has sexual intercourse with a dog”.

Kenny is claiming aggravated damages, a permanent restraint on any future publication of the same or similar material and interest, plus costs.

I have never known the ABC to be so stridently partisan and so abusive of conservative critics. It has betrayed its charter and abused the trust – and taxes – of taxpayers.

Andrew Bolt November 27 2013 (10:27am)

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