“The Demise of the IPCC and the CAGW Delusion” …

Catastrophic global warming is dead, the IPCC is dead. The AR5 report for the IPCC, in effect, discredited themselves, and “abandoned common sense and scientific standards of objectivity and prudence in order to accommodate their paymasters.” Dr Page sets the case out extremely well at WUWT.

Commonsense Climate Science and Forecasting after AR5

Guest Essay by Dr. Norman Page

1.The Demise of the IPCC and the CAGW Delusion.

a) Overview.
In the AR5 Summary for Policymakers the IPCC glossed over  the developing cooling trend in global temperatures and so lost the last vestige of its scientific credibility and any claim to be a source of useful guidance on future climate trends for policymakers. The IPCC’s remit was never to study climate objectively but to support the proposition that anthropogenic CO2 was the main climate driver and that increasing emissions would produce warming with catastrophic consequences by the end of the 21st century. To their eternal discredit too many of the Western scientific establishment  abandoned common sense and scientific standards of objectivity and prudence in order to accommodate their paymasters.

The entire vast  UN and Government sponsored AGW behemoth with its endless labyrinthine conferences and gigantic schemes for UN global control over the World and National  economies is a  prime example of  the disasters Eisenhower warned against in 1961 he said : Continue reading

Just one of the charts Dr Page posts is enough for me, but there is so much more, read it all:

Fig 2

The key factor in making CO2 emission  control policy is the climate sensitivity to CO2 . By AR5  – WG1 the IPCC is saying: (Section […]

Of course,  the media and the Greens will continue headlong into oblivion with their agenda, just like ‘their’ agenda driven ABC in Australia.

Common sense is lacking too:

Shameless barracking for Labor and The Greens from the ABC today.

The story’s headline is sufficiently ambiguous to warrant rejection by a fair dinkum news organisation:

Australia’s emissions reduction target inadequate: Climate Change Authority report […]

UPDATE, Geologist Dr. Bob Carter: Climate Scare is an abuse of science: ‘To call carbon dioxide a pollutant  is an abuse of logic; is an abuse of language and it’s an abuse of science’

UPDATE2: Do the Math – Count the Cash: Climate ‘disaster’ exists only in the minds and computer models of climate alarmists’

UPDATE3: Scientists condemn media propaganda …

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