Mann’s morass … exposed

Wow! The ‘Auditor’ just killed off ‘Mannian’ Science. The same Steven McIntyre that condemned Mann’s Hockey stick graph science to the historical rubbish bin: The IPCC Southern Hemisphere Reconstructions

A question for readers: which of the following proxies are used to reconstruct past Southern Hemisphere temperature in the IPCC’s graphic (Figure 5.7b) showing SH reconstructions:

1. Graybill’s California strip-bark bristlecone chronologies
2. upside down and contaminated Finnish lake sediments
3. European instrumental temperature data
4. Antarctic ice core d18O isotope data covering the medieval period

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The answer will shock you as it shocked me. An own goal from the ‘hockey team’.

This comes so soon after the ‘Auditor’s’ post on Eemian Moss, , also falsified here, by omitting most of the region’s data. Cherry picking at it’s worst:

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