saving the world … with your money

How do Greens see the world? In very strange ways, they cannot accept that our democracy gave them less than 7% of the vote at the last election, for a start.

They cannot accept that CO2 is a huge benefit to feeding the world, and a boon to the environment.

They cannot accept that people arriving here without papers or ID are illegal immigrants.

They wont accept the fact that fires and weather events are common in Australia.

Yet they appear to prefer talking about these topics instead of real environmentalism, such as erosion, weed control, cane toads, rabbits and foxes, or dumping of rubbish in the bush.

illegal dumping of rubbish

illegal dumping of rubbish

Fortunately, I know where they live. Here! Quoting Clive Hamilton:

Jaxon Barnes
“The passivity of the public has allowed our political representatives to be more and more dominated by a professional class of power seeking individuals who stand for little other than self advancement. … Reclaiming democracy for the citizenry is the only way to temper the effects of climate disruption and ensure that the wealthy and powerful cannot protect their own interests at the expense of the rest. … We all value and benefit from a law abiding society. Yet at times like these we have a higher duty and are no longer bound to submit to the laws that protect those who continue to pollute the atmosphere in a way that threatens to destroy the habitability of the Earth. When just laws are used to protect unjust behaviour our obligation to uphold the law is diminished”

Clive Hamilton (Requiem for a Species) (my bold)

The Age, too: Jaxon Barnes

“Well, refugees trying to arrive by whatever means you can, heed this: the tide has turned. You thought you were human. Sorry. You thought you would be granted a little sympathy. Sorry. You thought there might be a trickle of compassion for your plight. Sorry. You are now shipping news”.
“As it is in this country. The semantic solution is to reduce the person to a point where they are nigh invisible, while their infraction, their violation, expands and overshadows all else. The two become one – because the government and its servants label them so. Say a phrase often enough and it attains a patina of truth. Say a shovel is a spade long enough and it becomes true.
Language in politics is never neutral. We do not live in the Switzerland of semantics. Words are weapons. They can be launched as invective across the chamber or they can be deployed through ministerial commands.”

Let us call a spade a spade shall we, Scott Morrison? Your edict is shameless and shameful.

An Age reader. The Guardian too. Scott Morrison is vilified by the Greens for calling people who arrive in Australia from SE Asia, by boat, without papers, what they really are, illegal immigrants

According to the report, Australia’s “reasonable and credible” contribution to global emissions, based on a per capita output, should see it scale down emissions by between 27% and 34% by 2020.

Target of 5% not enough, based on warming ceiling of 2C and Australia’s ‘fair share’ of global carbon budget, says report

Jaxon Barnes is a representative of The Wilderness Society, which also has another Facebook page of their own. Another from the Conservation Council is called Neville Numbat, who shared Eco Week‘s photo.


 Superstitious urban Greens get caned here:

Henry Ergas slams the carbonistas who’ve feasted on NSW bushfires:

Their concern is not really with bush fires; it is solely with advancing their cause. Having elevated the carbon tax into a totem, they have descended from reason into superstition.

Absolutely. And nowhere – besides the ABC – is this superstition more evident than in Melbourne’s Age, primarily sold to urban greens who live in a treeless region hundreds of kilometres from last week’s fires. Reader Andrew S. has assembled the Age‘s recent climate change claims into a concern collage:


Looks like it would make a nice prayer mat.

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