outrageous media disgrace …

What is ‘their’ ABC so afraid of? Debate? Expert opinion? Their failed conspiracy theories becoming undone?

Losers, scaremongering pocket-liners Jones, Barry, Cassidy, O’Brien, Alberici, actually, every one of their presenters and program producers. Dump them all.

Let’s help the process along: The National Commission of Audit should examine ABC and SBS funding in detail – with your help

To Mark Scott, you need to be the first to go: To Mark Scott, Editor-in-Chief, ABC. The Australian’s editor took responsibility for his paper today. You should observe how it’s done..

Mark Scott is the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s Editor-in-Chief.

Like a newspaper editor responsible for a newspaper that includes a lift-out magazine, cartoons, lifestyle, cooking, travel, news and commentary sections, Mark Scott is responsible as Editor-in-Chief for everything the ABC puts to air, not just news reports and programs.

Abc editorial policy_005
Some people grow in stature, influence and gravitas during their time in a job.  Mark Scott has done precisely the opposite. […]



A Fairfax bully, too: […] enlightened Fairfax writers express themselves so crudely?


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