the science is settled … hahahaha

Settled Unsettled science rears it’s head on ABC’s Catalyst, the science of cholesterol has been fudged for years. Word for word, the program could just change cholesterol and insert global warming for an identical result, it’s all balderdash.

Dr Jonny Bowden

When you look at the data, it’s very clear – everything that we have been told about saturated fat and cholesterol is a bold-faced lie. It’s just not so.

Watch the Video at the link.

Can’t stop laughing while trying to eat my breakfast muffins this morning. Sorry, this is too funny. My doctor probably wont believe this either, just as the warmist ideologues can’t see that the science of global warming is bull. Now, I laugh at that one every day since Climategate.

Cholesterol on the hoof:

a whole load of bull

a whole load of bull

From the show:

Dr Maryanne Demasi

But isn’t there good science behind this?…

Dr Ernest Curtis
The classic study by Ancel Keys is a textbook example of fudging the data to get the result that you want out of a study. And, unfortunately, there’s a lot of that that goes on.

Dr Jonny Bowden

If you look at the ‘science’ that actually the dietary guidelines were based on, the early stuff was so badly done, so filled with confirmation bias, it would never even pass muster today. And unfortunately most doctors don’t know this.

UPDATE: Much more here at Joannenova:

Catalyst says consensus wrong on cholesterol – but unquestionable on climate

On the ABC program Catalyst this week, Dr Maryanne Demasi slayed a few dietary myths–like, cholesterol and saturated fat cause heart disease.

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