a Royal Commission into climate change called for …

What a good idea, unless there’s something to hide: Liberal (Party)call for climate change science inquiry

There’s a push from within the W-A Liberal Party to pressure the federal government to hold a Royal Commission into the science of climate change. (my bold)

The proposal will be put forward by the party’s Rural Policy Committee at the Liberal state conference in Perth next month.

Other motions to be debated include one from the Fremantle division calling on the State and Federal governments to fund and start construction on the Roe Highway extension.

It comes after the Premier Colin Barnett revealed the project is unlikely to go ahead during this term.

There’ll also be a push from the Union of Liberal Students to support changing the Fair Work Act to introduce statutory individual agreements.

Policy motions passed at state conference are not binding.

h/t Kevin, (who asked why?). ABC News

I would like to suggest an Oz expert panel, led by MHR Dr Denis Jensen. William Kininmonth, Professor Bob Carter, Dr David Evans, Dr Vincent Gray, Joanne Nova, Nick Minchin …

For the alarmists, David Karoly, Tim Flannery, Robyn Williams, Will Stefan, Greg Combet, Graham Readfearn, John Cook, Nicholas Stern

I would pay to see this! Actually, just 1 of the first list would be enough to debate all the alarmists, BoM and CSIRO. Whoops, now why don’t they want me to see this?:

  • www.bom.gov.au/announcements/new_director/​biography.shtml

    We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

    BoM offices, Broome

    BoM offices, Broome

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