“slowly everyone is withdrawing the spending” …

Keynes-ism is dead. The economics of Government stimulus spending has brought economic devastation to economies around the world. You wouldn’t know it when you look at the US though, the Obamaconomy has devastated middle class America, and won’t get any better while their debt is still exploding out.

[…]From Greece to China, in Australia and across the world, Keynesian theory is dead except in our economics texts […]

 Obama was against a rising debt ceiling before he was for it. The Republicans chickened out under pressure from Democrats and mates in Wall Street and the Media.

At least the tide is starting to turn in Australia, but there is a long way to go, before much headway is made on paying off debt. The Fabians are now gone thank goodness. (For now.) Judith Sloan laments the lack of debate/engagement from the Keynesians in today’s Australian. Steve Kates reports on economics blog Catallaxy Files:

The black knights of Keynesian economics

Judy Sloan has an article in today’s Australian she titles, “Robust views build better debate, so let’s have them“. I don’t mean to quibble but there is plenty of debate, just little engagement. No one who visits this site can be in any doubt that there are critics of economics around as not a few of us here bound into the various inanities that are prevalent everywhere. […] Read it all

Glenn Reynolds was onto it 2 years ago, with an article in Forbes: FASCISM: “The line between fascism and Fabian socialism is very thin. Fabian socialism is the dream. Fascism is Fabian socialism plus the inevitable dictator.”

1100 x 1037 · 313 kB · jpeg·The Fabian Society | Follow The Money

Well known Australian Fabians include former Labor Prime Ministers, Gough Whitlam, Comrade Gillard, Paul Keating and Bob Hawke.

Monitoring the New World Order

The Fabian Society – Creeping Communism

This, along with many other ‘Secret Societies’ work together for this ‘Common Purpose’…… we see this consistently with denial & delay tactics used in response to complaints by the people & the lies & omissions & twisted truths that spin doctors play out to the public in the mass media….

by DB
Published: Sep. 03, 2009 – FourWinds10.com

The Fabians whose logo until very recently was a Wolf in Sheep’s clothing are a breed of Communism who believed in Collectivism (Communism) by stealth and many of the Globalists would belong to this scheming organisation.

Since the collapse of Communism you can rest assured that they are now to be found amongst the Fabians.

The Fabians are well established in Australia and many are in the Labor party. All of Prime Minister Gough Whitlam’s cabinet were Fabians and Prime Ministers Hawke and Keating also belonged to the Fabians.

On 19 July 2006 ex P.M. Malcolm Fraser spoke to the Fabians http://ttp//www.google.com.au/search?hl=en&q=Malcolm+Fraser+and+the+Fabian+society&btnG=Search&meta=and on 22 MARCH 2006 P.M. Howard also spoke to them http://www.fabian.org.au/1048.asp

Either Gough Whitlam or John Faulkner is the current president and in the current Labor cabinet Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard amongst others are members of the society.

The London School of Economics has been their breeding ground.

Below is a history of this treacherous organisation which is intent on creating a one world dictatorial government.



Notable members

Gough Whitlam (ALP Prime Minister 1972–75)
Bob Hawke (ALP Prime Minister 1983–1991)
Paul Keating (ALP Prime Minister 1991–1996)
John Cain (ALP Premier of Victoria)
Jim Cairns (ALP Deputy Prime Minister)
Don Dunstan (ALP Premier of South Australia)
Geoff Gallop (ALP Premier of Western Australia)
Neville Wran (ALP Premier of NSW 1976–86)
Frank Crean (ALP Deputy Prime Minister)
Arthur Calwell (ALP Former Leader)
John Faulkner (ALP Senator and National President)
Julia Gillard (ALP Deputy Prime Minister)
John Lenders (ALP Treasurer of Victoria)
Henry Hyde Champion (Journalist)
John Percy Jones (Businessman)
Nettie Palmer (Writer)
Ernest Besant-Scott (Historian)
Lucy Morice (Feminist)
Charles Strong (Clergyman)
William Henry Archer (Statistician)
Edward Shann (Economist)
Charles Marson (Clergyman)
David Charleston (Trade Unionist)
John Howlett Ross (Teacher)
Bernard O’Dowd (Writer)
Phillip Adams (Broadcaster)

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