a blot on the environment is removed …

From Joanne Nova, one small start to common sense prevailing:

Smile, there is one less wind farm in the world

A small win for determined citizens?

Dailymail.co.uk: “After blighting the Yorkshire Dales for more than two decades, four giant turbines have been removed from the stunning landscape – the first ever windfarm in Britain to be scrapped.

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So why does it Matter? The UK madness that is suggested here by the boffins will send them broke building thousands more. What do they have against the poor and elderly that cannot afford power to heat their homes. They are a real blot on the environment too. After all, the globull warming panic is over,

Walport’s UK Energy Fantasy Does Not Add Up

Sir Mark Walport (8656569975).jpg

Bishop Hill  had a post the other day, about a presentation on climate change given to the cabinet by Chief Scientist, Sir Mark Walport, seen at right.

One of the slides shown was this one on various scenarios for electricity generation in the UK in the brave new world. […]

Paul summarizes here, but go there and have a long look at the graphs and more, the UK grid is a blackout in waiting:


Let us assume that it is logistically and technologically possible to build the capacity that Walport wants. Even then, on a number of counts, his numbers simply do not stack up.

I may be missing something, and maybe he has all the answers up his sleeve. But there is certainly no evidence of that in his presentation.

Which all rather raises the questions:

1) How does the government’s Chief Scientist manage to come up with such an obviously flawed piece of work? He may be no expert on electricity supply, but there again neither am I, and it did not take me long to spot the obvious flaws.

2) Was there not one Minister sat around the Cabinet table, who had the gumption to ask some of these questions? What about Ed Davey, who is supposed to be Secretary of State for Energy & Climate Change?

It has often been said that we only have a Secretary of State for Climate Change now. I guess this whole charade rather proves that this is true.

This could save them if they weren’t so stubborn and stupid:

CO2 pouring into the atmosphere in this gas fired power station. What's not to like?

CO2 pouring into the atmosphere in this gas fired power station. What’s not to like?

UPDATE: The New Dark Continent 

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