climate or weather … facts or fiction

Dr Easterbrook explains the difference, facts, or fiction: […]

[…] Conclusions

These are only a few examples of the highly biased, misrepresentations of material in the 2013 IPCC report. As seen by the examples above, it isn’t science at all—it’s dogmatic, political, propaganda.

Fiction: Dr Pielke Jr. Agrees – ‘Extreme weather to climate connection’ is a dead issue

Dr Tim Ball agrees, it’s fiction: IPCC Climate: A Product of Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics Built On Inadequate Data

Another: Why Climate Science is Fallible by Dr. David Deming

We live in a scientific age. The sciences are viewed as the only real sources of authoritative information. Knowledge derived from other epistemological systems is regarded as having less credibility. The conclusions of philosophy are untestable, and religion is often cynically interpreted as nothing more than superstition and myth. Public policy decisions made upon the basis of scientific recommendations may have economic consequences measured in trillions of dollars. Yet few people realize how unreliable scientific authority can be. […]

[…] But the common understanding of science is largely an ignorant misconception.

From the Climate Auditor himself, Mathematician and geologist Steve McIntyre: IPCC: Fixing the Facts

Figure 1.4 of the Second Order Draft clearly showed the discrepancy between models and observations, though IPCC’s covering text reported otherwise. I discussed this in a post leading up to the IPCC Report, citing Ross McKitrick’s article in National Post and Reiner Grundmann’s post at Klimazweiberl. Needless to say, this diagram did not survive. Instead, IPCC replaced the damning (but accurate) diagram with a new diagram in which the inconsistency has been disappeared.

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Dr Judith Curry writes: IPCC diagnosis – permanent paradigm paralysis

At Climate Depot:

What, you still want more? How about this much more: 1000+ skeptical papers

Yes, the ‘True Believers’ are out in force on the ‘social media’, time to embarrass them with Science, instead of politics. Read all the links, if you dare to want the truth.48c32-peer-reviewedpapersUPDATE, On Jonova:

Six questions the media should be asking the IPCC – by Bob Tisdale

It’s clear science journalists need some help. The IPCC are saying “The ocean ate my global warming” and most environment reporters just cut-n-paste this excuse — they fall for the breathtaking joules-to-the-22nd-figures  — not realizing they convert to a mere 0.07C over nearly 50 years (as if we could measure the average temperature of the global oceans to a hundredth of a degree!). Worse, the warming we do find is so small, it supports the skeptical calculations, not the IPCC’s ones. I ran a tutorial for journalists at the end of the post, and asked Bob Tisdale (author of Climate Models Fail ) if he had some other questions. He did, oh boy, and here they are. Thanks to Bob.  – Jo

Read them here. Keep reading  →

Alternatively, you can always believe:

The Art Of Pulling Very Precise Numbers Out Of Your Arse


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