navel gazing at the ABC …

Their  ABC just gets worse every day, thank goodness the local country stations are still sane, but Radio National? The Fran and Paul show (Kelly, Bongiorno) was just sickening drivel this morning. Professor Sloan shakes her head in astonishment:

ABC meltdown: definition of news goes AWOL

I’ve mentioned this before, but there seems to have been some sort of collective brain fade over at the ABC and the news is no longer the news.

Did anyone happen upon Antony Green giving us a little lecture about preferential voting on the news last week? What the?  Yes, on the news.  It was cringe worthy and ended with the little aphorism that it is our vote and we don’t have to follow the how-to-vote cards of the parties.  Wow.  Thanks for that, Green One.

And then I flicked on to ABC Breakfast News this morning only to endure some sort of back-slapping orgy about the ABC’s online Compass survey – it went on and on.  This is NOT THE NEWS.

Of course, there is no point complaining but something has definitely snapped in News and Current Affairs at the ABC – and not for the good.  Navel gazing doesn’t come close to what is

your ABC

your ABC


It seems they are making it worse for their Labor and the Greens with such blatant advertizing, and terrible even at that.

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