judgement finds government actions UNLAWFUL …

I have just finished reading, or perhaps glancing through the 83 page Judgement where the State Government and EPA were found to be acting UNLAWFULLY in regards to the Woodside proposal at James Price Point. It makes a case for all other EPA rulings to be fully re-assessed, but only after a new committee is formed, one without any mining or development interests.

This judgement is so damning of the Government and the EPA, that resignations must follow, preferably at the very top first. Yes, that’s you Premier Barnett, followed by all the EPA committee and the Ministers who helped facilitate this unlawful activity.

The actions of the EPA throughout, are nothing short of staggering.

Back to December last year, when 1800 submissions were totally ignored … Here was mine:

Report on EPA Assessment


            An insult to the highly respected Australian scientists, Dr Salisbury and Dr Thulborn, both have already said that the footprints are incompatible with an LNG Refinery.

            The rare vine forest is also the most important plant community between Quondong and Price’s Point on the Dampier Peninsula. Not enough can be said about why this area should be left alone from Development. Cultural artefacts are also scattered in this area for which the local custodians are not able to show the uninitiated public.


DWARF DOLPHINS http://mucru.org/latest-news/submission-of-appeal-against-the-report-and-recommendations-of-the-epa-for-the-browse-liquefied-natural-gas-precinct/

Dwarf spinner dolphin

There has been a recent discovery, of dwarf dolphins, in the waters, off the coast at James Price Point.There is concern, regarding the scientific integrity of the State Governments environmental impact assessment. Scientists at Murdoch University’s Cetacean Research Centre have also questioned this report. Their survey techniques were unable to distinguish between species ...See more

Important populations of marine turtles live offshore, and breed on the beaches of WA and at James price point. The breading populations here are determined to be the largest in the world. They are threatened and need special protection worldwide. Industrial threats, such as those from the proposed LNG Gas hub, would include; boat strikes, dredging, oil spills, pile driving, and un…See more

The Greater Bilby is listed as vulnerable by WA Government, They lose their habitat when land is mined or cleared. Conservation group Environs Kimberley have previously released footage of three baby bilbies around their burrow, after the first adult in two decades was recorded at the same site, just kilometers from the proposed gas plant. “Apart from a few STUDIES completed by …See more

Dugongs are a protected species in Australian and only small, isolated populations remain, one of the biggest populations left resides in WA waters. Dugongs are slow to reproduce and are dependent on seagrass for food. This development will damage sea grass, from the impact of trawling and the buildup of silt, directly associated with mining. Dugongs are slow moving and can also be killed or injured by boat strikes. If just 2% of their population is killed due to human impacts, their numbers will decline and they will become extinct.



Populations of snubfinned dolphins have been sighted at James price point, and on the Kimberley coast, they are unique to Australia. A research program is currently underway by Deakin University. They are near threatened, data deficient’. As the species was only discovered in 2005 and not much is known about them, but what we do know indicates they may be threatened. There are only about one thousand, of these dolphins in existence. Known threats to their survival, include; habitat destruction, due to developments (such as the proposed LNG gas hub) along the coast, noise from these developments, disrupts there natural behavior, and they are vulnerable to boat strikes.





A breeding population of Gouldian finches, one of Australia’s most endangered birds, has been recently discovered on the Dampier Peninsula, by rangers, working with WWF Australia and Environs Kimberley. The species also has very specific habitat requirements, both in terms of the plants it feeds on and the areas in which it breeds, making conservation of suitable habitats for the …See more

White Spotted Eagle Rays have been observed mating near the shore line at James Price Point. They are near threatened, under the IUCN. This class indicates, it is likely to become threatened in the future. They are another example of the unique marine life which inhabits the waters around the proposed site of the James Price Point gas hub. Plans to dredge the area for the port will significantly affect the surrounding marine life including these magnificent spotted eagle rays.


MORE:   New dolphin for James Price Point suggests inadequate environmental impact assessment: scientist


Dr Simon Allen says confirmation of a dwarf dolphin not previously recorded in waters off the site for a controversial gas precinct demonstrates that the State Government’s environmental impact assessment is sub-standard.

More here:

seaturtle.org – Satellite Tracking

Woodside’s turtle report here:  Report Master Template

Turtle numbers appear to be way under counted. On a visit to the Lacepede Islands one November about 20 years ago, I saw over 1000 on  just 1 beach on 1 night, this survey was probably not done November/December, see this from a person who attended the Woodside sponsored survey:

Michael Tucker

In 2 trips to Lacepede Islands , total 20 days, we tagged about 8 turtles, they refused to count turtles in the water ? Study at JPP, was the same, very flawed, should be investigated.

A project of West Australian Sea Turtle Satellite Tracking Project in conjunction with the partners and sponsors detailed below.


The Lacepede Islands boasts one of the largest turtle rookeries in the world! Another rookery not mentioned a few kilometres to the north is Adele Island.

See this too from a participant of the survey, again:

Michael Tucker

Woodside claim most whales are outside 8 km from the shoreline and outside the 30km radius. THATS BULLSHIT when i was working on the boats off JPP for Woodside , they said only log a whale sighting if they swim across the path of the vessel within 200m, so when they swim beside the boat they dont count, one day we counted 32 whales between cable beach and JPP, they logged only 2 sighted for the day, how wrong ? Study puts price on whale watching benefit – ABC Kimberley WA – Australian Broadcasting Corporation

I have also been made aware that the person doing a biological survey for Woodside and the Kimberley Land Council, did not properly complete it, ‘because it was too hot’. Probably why they did not find any rare bilbies.

I still cannot find a report on the seabed flora and fauna, which shows on echo sounders as a dense sea garden growing on sandstone, in the area that the whales calve, and several dolphin species and dugong are found.

This area and much more along the coast will be destroyed completely if dredging is allowed to take place here. The 10 metre tides will see to that.

The comparison between Broome and Margaret River is noted. There are far more reasons NOT to develop James Price Point than Margaret River, where the EPA consider the ‘social surrounds’ and ‘brand’ to be significant, in farming country!

BT Harley


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Of course, I wasn’t consulted.


[…] Environmental Watchdog? Vogel has no clue about the Environment. He even suggested to paleo scientists that they would have chosen somewhere else if they had known about the dinosaur fossil trackways. 4 of 5 members of the committee own mining shares.

Not just Greens, but Scientists across the board too.

  • “I am satisfied the strictest environmental approvals process has been followed to ensure all possible issues have been addressed.” Minister for the Environment, Bill Marmion. You’re a joke Minister!

    Woodside’s Browse gas project gets WA nod of approval


    ENVIRONMENTAL approval has been granted for Woodside Petroleum’s proposed $30 billion gas hub at James Price Point in Western Australia’s Kimberley region.

Any credibility this Bureaucracy once had, is now smashed.d2

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