winners and big loser …

Punters pick Abbott as the debate winner, big winner actually:

A fortnight ago both Sportsbet and Centrebet had the ALP at $4 for a win, and the Coalition at $1.24 or $1.25.

Last Saturday, before the debate:

Centrebet: ALP $5.75, Coalition at $1.14

Sportsbet: ALP $4.80, Coalition $1.19

Today, after the debate:

Centrebet: ALP $6, Coalition $1.13

Sportsbet: ALP $5.50, Coalition $1.14


You can tell Labor has lost when angry Fairfax columnists are already throwing childish tantrums. (Bolta)

Nanananana … It’s no wonder News Ltd, who owns just 33% of print media, gets 63% of the nation’s readers.

As usual, Rudd only has rubbery figures, just like their budget outlook:
Kevin Rudd has for the first time claimed demonstrable success for his Papua New Guinea solution…

‘’In the month or so since we’ve had this policy implemented, I am advised that boat arrivals are down by 30 per cent,’’ Mr Rudd said.

While there has been a drop in this period, it is less than 20 per cent, Fairfax Media’s analysis shows… In the 24 days before the announcement, 2833 people arrived on 32 boats, meaning the actual drop in the number of arrivals is at best 19.7 per cent.

More rubber: A 20 per cent GST?

You have to wonder where the ALP strategists are. They must be hoping that Tony Abbott will have a “there’ll be no GST increase under a government I lead” moment. It seems to me that the more they push this point the more they remind everyone about their own broken tax promises. […]

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