failing media interviewers …

If you want to know what’s going on around the place, it’s a really good idea to give Fairfax and ‘your’ ABC a big miss. I already do, which is why I can post this from people that really do know how to get it right.

Tim Blair adds: NO FACTS, and this explanatory piece is at Andrew Bolt’s blog, where all their errors and failures are shown the light of day, such as Gerard’s (Henderson) third example:

On 17 July Fran Kelly interviewed Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey.  Like Jon Faine and Virginia Trioli, Fran (“I’m an activist”) Kelly was more intent in stating her position than listening to what Joe Hockey had to say. In a 14 minute interview, Fran Kelly interjected, or cut off, Joe Hockey on no fewer than 18 occasions as she attempted to prove that she was correct and the Shadow Treasurer was wrong.

The same applies to the Lamestream media worldwide.

UPDATE, Professor Bunyip gives them ‘what for’:

Reason #1 why The Age is doomed: Danny Katz

Reason #2 why The Age is doomed: Caroline Wilson

If you believe the current witch hunt against the Essendon Football Club and James Hird is an upright investigation of potential drug use, you haven’t been reading Age chief football columnist Caroline Wilson, who can spot a villain when she is told to see one. From her column on Friday, which deals guilt by association — guilt, that is, if you work at The Age and know for a moral certainty that anyone who associates with Liberals must be up to no good:

…by discrediting Demetriou, Hird’s supporters, led by the formidable Liberal spin doctor Ian Hanke, have muddied the waters…

….Hanke, currently holed up in Spring Street in the same building at (sic) the Victorian State Parliament press gallery….

…One of Hird’s closest friends, Rod Law, is a senior executive at Fox Footy, and a key occasional mentor is Rupert Murdoch’s international right-hand man, the Melbourne-born Essendon supporter Robert Thompson….

That settles everything. Hird must be a drug-pushing scoundrel because, well, he has a Liberal ally and is friendly with someone who knows someone who knows someone else who works for Rupert Murdoch.

Tomorrow, expect Wilson to bare Hird’s carbon footprint and his diabolical plan to drown polar bears by leaving the post-training showers running at Windy Hill.That story would be easier to report than the truth, which is that the ASADA farce was ginned up by Julia Gillard as a distraction from her political woes.


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