Bob’s bombshell …

Bob’s shock news. Gillard was sacked.

Bob Kernohan was almost beaten into submission by the union thugs who covered up Comrade Gillard’s alleged crimes. He was trying to get the Union’s money back.

Who says we don’t need an inquiry or Royal Commission into the Unions and their bagmen and bagwomen: Just an isolated case?

Our pie refusnik industrial relations minister, Bill Shorten, has pushed the proposition that the case of Thommo and Williamson stealing from the HSU is just an isolated incident.  Nothing broader to worry about, just move along.

Of course, he knows that not to be the case, as he dealt with the fallout of the Bruce Wilson ‘slush fund’ case.  Other examples include:

  • Shenanigans at the ETU
  • Shenanigans at the communications division of the CEPU
  • Cesar Melham setting up the Industry 2020 fund when he was with the AWU (Where has the money gone, Cesar?)

And now we learn on another case of an alleged misappropriation of funds from the TCFUA.

Hmmm, looks like a bit of a pattern, Bill.  Could be a strong case for an investigation?

SOUTH Australian Employee Ombudsman Stephen Brennan has denied allegations of misuse of union funds while a union official but will stand down from his post while investigations are underway.

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