Premier Barnett warned …

An excellent article in an excellent paper, National Indigenous Times:

Roe warns gas hub fight not over

Phillip-Roe-and-Richard-Hunter-5.4Walmadan Tent Embassy’s Goolarabooloo Senior Law Boss, Phillip Roe has warned West Australian Premier, Colin Barnett remains intent on “industrialising” the Kimberley following claims the West Australian State Government still intends to go ahead with the compulsory acquisition of James Price Point (Walmadany).

Mr Roe said Mr Barnett could not be trusted and…

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Just a reminder …

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  1. Arnulfo Z. Wise says:

    a) I loved Mr Cousins’ riposte to Chairman Chaney’s argument that his brother Fred had a reputation for helping Aboriginals. b) The piece also scarily highlights the hubris that can prevent lesser men backing down when events start to go against their wishes.c) Having spent ten days along The Kimberley coast in June, I can vouch for the fact there are whales off James Price Point. In fact, it was the ONLY place we saw any.d) I also flew over the proposed site to inform myself and was surprised at the extent of the plant footprint which was marked out in the scrub. e) Thanks also to Mr Cousins for informing us about the port dredging for half a century. How will this (and the shipping) affect the Lacipede Islands Nature Reserve which is about the same distance away as Broome?f) I then drove down to Perth via the Pilbara and was astonished at how inadequate the infrastructure was until one got within a few hours of Perth. It’s third world stuff despite decades of mining wealth.

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