invasion anniversary …

One year ago today, scores of riot police were sent 2,400km to Broome to put down a community protest against the Industrialization of James Price Point.

costing the police invasion…

Every policeman is given $25 for lunch and $75 for dinner…X 150 police at least, no wonder the Chamber of Commerce are rubbing their hands with glee. $100,000 too just for B&B at the towns resorts. Then the large number of hire cars…and return air fares. Thanks, Taxpayers

Police assist in lawbreaking activities at James Price Point.

A comedy evolved as the Community kept one step ahead, leaving bouquets of flowers at the local Police station to help them celebrate Mother’s Day. Later on, it got to the hilarious stage when 2 grandmothers held up a massive police escorted Woodside convoy for many hours.

The end result is that Woodside have withdrawn any plan to build an LNG plant at Price’s Point. However the Barnett State Government have not given up, and is still trying to compulsorily acquire the land for a future Port.

Broome Community No Gas Campaign‘s photo.
Red Broome‘s photo.
In the latest draft of the Shire of Broome Local Planning Strategy references to the ‘Browse LNG Precinct’ have been amended to the ‘Browse Worker’s Accommodation Village. See the map below which also includes a proposed port at James Price point.Perhaps the Shire should also consider changing its tagline to “people, place, prosperity AND PORTS…”


another one bites the dust…..or should that be pindan?

Browse project boss quits

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3 Responses to invasion anniversary …

  1. mal wade says:

    and still people voted for this dictater barnett

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  3. theswanriverguardian says:

    This is celebrating the Islamic invasion right? Wait… where can I check my privilege around here?

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