pocket-liner’s conference … South West Australia

More pocket-liners needing chasing grants:

South West to discuss estuaries, rising seas and marine health

South West to discuss estuaries, rising seas and marine health

Rising seas? no, not really, maybe a bit of sinking land going on however. Fact checking does not seem to happen on the warmist side.

[…] UWA Winthrop Professor Malcolm McCulloch will present the conference’s keynote address, with a focus on the impact of climate change on Geographe Bay.  Professor McCulloch will speak on the impact of sea temperature and level rises on vulnerable regions, like those off the South West coast, and how lessons can be learnt from the last interglacial period approximately 120,000 years ago, which led to sea level rises of 2-3 metres.

Three other Western Australian marine experts will act as keynote speakers at the conference: UWA Winthrop Professor of Coastal Oceanography Charitha Pattiaratchi, Manager of Water Science at the Department of Water Malcolm Robb, and UWA Oceans Institute Winthrop Professor Gary Kendrick.

A study of the sea level variability along the WA coast will be presented by Professor Pattiaratchi, with the impact of events ranging from tides, storm surges, continental shelf waves and annual and inter-annual variability considered. […]

They obviously looked at propaganda from the West Australian newspaper:

[…] Yikes. Between 9 and 10mm a year for 20 years. That means 400mm since 1993.

Complete and utter BS

I looked at rainfall and temperature too, all gloom and doom, I have already done some fact checking of that before.  Who checks this rubbish at The West?

UPDATE, a closer look at the figures: To understand Perth sea-levels is a complex issue – much of the Perth plain has subsided in recent decades

Albany would be good to look at what’s happening: Download monthly mean sea level data.

Plot of monthly mean sea level data at ALBANY.Link to larger image of monthly data plot.

This grant seeking disease blaming the climate, is highly contagious.

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