sticking to wireless …

The NBN is nothing but a boondoggle. 

Nbn stand abouts

The out of control deficit spending is forcing the Labor Government to make some really tough decisions.

They can’t get enough Scottish & Irish Union officials on 457’s for NBN Co. to give Jose appropriate guidance. 

Guidance is not currently available from qualified Australians.

If things continue for much longer, there’s a real risk that Jose may need to be let go.



Today’s release of the Coalition’s broadband policy is a vital announcement for regional Australia. Across Australia there are still two million households and businesses which are unable to access basic broadband services. However, instead of targeting those areas where broadband services are unavailable the Government remains focused on duplicating existing services for political purposes. The Coalition will end this absurdity which has seen billions of taxpayer’s money wasted. If elected on September 14 we will review the rollout and target those areas where broadband services are not up to scratch. We give a commitment to deliver speeds of between 25 mbps and 100 mbps to all Australian premises by 2016. These speeds will increase to a minimum of 50 mbps by 2019. This is much sooner than Labor’s rollout which continues to be plagued by endless delays and cost blowouts. Our plan will be welcomed in many parts of regional Australia where, after six years of Labor promises, there have been no improvement in broadband speeds. Under the Coalition’s plan, faster broadband services would be delivered sooner and be more affordable. Under Labor, internet costs are forecast to increase threefold over the next nine years – a steeper rise than the increase in electricity over the past nine years. The Coalition broadband rollout will also occur at a vastly cheaper cost to taxpayers, compared with Labor’s massively expensive $94 billion NBN. We will be using a combination of fibre to the node, wireless and satellite technologies to deliver the speeds consumers are seeking and at a price they are willing to pay.

Click here to read a summary of the Coalition’s Plan for Fast broadband and an Affordable NBN

Kind regards Mr Luke Hartsuyker MP

Shadow Minister for Regional Communications

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