” If you sleep with dogs, then you have to deal with the fleas” …

The headline is borrowed from a comment at WUWT, that goes to the heart of the ‘scientific misconduct’ published by Science last month, of Marcott 2013 et al. Professor Pielke jr sets it all out. Quote of the week – ‘bad eggs’ in the Marcott et al non-stick omelete recipe

This is a scathing and revealing comment from another scientist regarding the Marcott et al affair. The context of it all has an odor of hydrogen sulfide about it.

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Let’s hope common sense prevails from the alarmsters concerned, and have this issue resolved urgently, before the conduct of all those involved, including the media is compounded.

This is what should have been shown:

Perhaps the best way for regular folks like us to counter the damage done is that anytime Marcott et al is mentioned, to always refer to the Marcott et al graph as this version below, along with the quote from their FAQs since the uptick “is not statistically robust, cannot be considered representative of global temperature changes”:


Instead, this was what was published:

Here is Figure 1C of the Science article.

figure 1C

Blatant fraud (from the “Climate Mafia”) if you ask me! Roger is too nice … http://rogerpielkejr.blogspot.com/2013/03/fixing-marcott-mess-in-climate-science.html

UPDATE: I missed this long discussion and lots of comments yesterday from Steve McIntyre et al … The Marcott Filibuster

UPDATE 2: Marcott’s paper has started a large fleas hornets nest: McIntyre charges Grant Foster aka “Tamino” with plagiarism in a Dot Earth discussion

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