all wrong … NBN fail

Michael Smith’s interview on the NBN: A lengthy chat on the NBN – Stephen Conroy and me just on 2 years ago

It’s a long interview – well worth it if you care about the $50 billion being spent on the NBN and if you worry about the competence of the people spending it.   The interview took place on 6 April, 2011.

This interview really focussed on Mike Quigley and his team at the NBN.   Fundamentally I was concerned then at Quigley’s abilities and experience in actually building the network.   He’d just lost the senior executive responsible for construction. […]

Read the whole mess about the NBN at the link above. How to use the NBN here, or not use it while I stick to wireless! I retired my home phone line after regular faults over 2 years ago, and have not regretted it once.

 I got it wrong, Michael Quigley tells MPs:


NATIONAL Broadband Network chief Michael Quigley has admitted making more incorrect claims about his past as one of the top executives of French telecommunications giant Alcatel, which was involved in widespread corruption across the globe.


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