indigenous elder goes to court …

What a footprint, this one pictured is. Richard Hunter and the Wilderness Society are involved in a court action against the EPA over their one man Committee’s decision to let Woodside bring in the dozers. The case will be heard in April.

Broome Community No Gas Campaign‘s photo.
This morning, Richard Hunter examines a huge dinosaur footprint on Goolaraboolo country.
This morning, Richard Hunter examines a huge dinosaur footprint on Goolaraboolo country.
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  • Wilderness Society challenges gas hub approvals

    The Supreme Court has begun hearing a challenge by the Wilderness Society and a traditional landowner to the environmental approvals granted for the $30 billion Kimberley gas hub.

    The society, together with traditional landowner Richard Hunter, launched the legal action against the Environmental Protection Authority and the Environment Minister Bill Marmion.

    They are applying to have the court overturn an EPA report and subsequent ministerial decisions to approve the project, alleging apparent bias and failure to follow procedure.

    Wilderness Society spokesman Peter Robertson says the court action was filed after the EPA’s chairman Paul Vogel made the sole decision last July to approve the gas hub because all other board members had a perceived conflict of interest.

    “The outcome that we’re hoping for is that the Supreme Court will agree with us that the way that the EPA handled this fiasco was unlawful,” he said.

    “And, therefore any so-called approvals that arise from this should be overturned – that’s what we’re seeking.”

    The society says it hopes its Supreme Court challenge will result in a review of the environmental approvals of the $30 billion Kimberley gas hub. […]


    Figure 10. Manus-pes couple impressed into ripple-marked surface and surrounded by a raised rim of displaced sediment.

    Slightly obscured by modern wind-blown beach sand. The small shelf to right is a remnant of the shallow manus print, which was partly overtrodden and obliterated by the much bigger and deeper pes print. Scale indicated by geological hammer at lower right.


ASKING — AND ANSWERING — THE IMPORTANT QUESTIONS: How did dinosaurs do it? Very carefully, of course.

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