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Looks as though 38% of search terms used that came here yesterday, funnily, had 2 common words, ‘brothel’ and ‘Albanese’, a lot were new readers, so I welcome them, have a look around.

This is not your usual Political or Greeny blog, but a look at issues from a different, more cynical and comic angle. I hate to call myself a ‘conservationist’, it is a term often on the nose, but I have a passion for ecology and the preservation of the environment where possible and justified.

The same applies  to my politics. Climate change is a scam. Warm is good, CO2 is life for plants. Borrowing money is dire. Science and technology is a passion and I grow native plants with the help of a great crew of local indigenous participants and volunteers.

James Price Point and it’s surrounds are a scientific, environmental and cultural wonderland. I am passionate at keeping the Barnett State government and Woodside out. The dinosaur trackways are sensational, as are the thousands of humpback whales that swim close by. The Flora and Fauna is second to none in the Kimberley. Woodside has cheaper alternatives.

Anyway, have a look around. I hope you keep coming back.willies creek 027

Pandanus spiralis

Pandanus spiralis

canberra 083 home cable beach 020

Matso's Ginger Beer over ice

Matso’s Ginger Beer over ice

Author, with Senna venusta in the Pilbara near Port Hedland

Author, with Senna venusta in the Pilbara near Port Hedland

plants 1005

Gardenia pyriformis

Gardenia pyriformis

teamwild friends 7Cable Beach Beagle Bro's in Broome, Bayly, Bailie, BailleyTanami big chestnut stallion 2 Pygmy python

About Tom Harley

Amateur ecologist and horticulturalist and CEO of Kimberley Environmental Horticulture Inc. (Tom Harley)
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