warning, ice ahead, a lot of ice … even an ice age?

Not want we need to hear, but a warning nevertheless. Flagship Daily DIE WELT Stuns Germany: ‘Scientists Warn Of Ice Age’, Cites New Peer-Reviewed Russian Study Read the Full Article

 Excerpt:Kulke writes that recently a growing number of scientific publications have been appearing in leading journals, and that they have been challenging the simplistic “one dimensional CO2 explanation” for climate change and showing that even the unlikely “doubling of atmospheric CO2 concentration by 2050 would not have dramatic effects.”

Kulke writes:

Yet, papers with such content, even though they have passed the peer-review process, do not make any headlines. But they have been becoming much more frequent recently.”

Increasingly it seems more and more scientists are now seeing huge opportunity in overturning one of the most ballyhooed scientific hypotheses of modern time, funding be damned. By Climate DepotMarch 25, 2013 10:30 PM

Minus 19 degrees in Brandenburg, mild temperatures in southern Germany. What on earth is going on with the weather? by Ulli Kulke, Die Welt
Climate Realists

Moscow Heatwave Update

For a few weeks in 2010, climatologists told us that the hot weather in Moscow was proof of global warming.

For some reason, they don’t talk about Moscow any more.

ScreenHunter_105 Mar. 25 20.23

Winter refuses to let go across the Northern Hemisphere – Telegraph

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