“massage parlor matter” …

The ‘Anthony Albanese visiting an illegal brothel’ story is important for a number of reasons, despite the mainstream media’s perceived dis-interest. It had a significant bearing on the results of last week’s Labor Party ‘implosion’.

Michael Smith News once again shows why he is the worthy winner of a Bloggie’s Award this week. Why I think the Anthony Albanese True Thai Massage story is important and newsworthy.

Reason 1 – The interview with a Labor elder statesman

An impeccable source, a senior Caucus member has given me an account, confirmed in writing, that Minister Albanese was interviewed by a senior Caucus figure in relation to the Thai massage parlour matter and that immediately after the interview (or interrogation as it was described to me) Minister Albanese agreed not to run in any leadership spill.   The account of that interview given to me is this:

FYI – [name redacted, a Labor elder statesman] interrogated Albanese on the Thai establishment and Albo quickly relinquished his Deputy PM aspirations.  

I’ve been told that the interview took place on the Wednesday, the day before Crean made his move.   This first hand report from a Labor figure provides a plausible explanation for Albanese’s decision not to run in any leadership spill.    This is not an invention after the event, this is a first hand account given to me by a key Labor figure and confirmed in writing.

There is a lot more at the link.

It makes for fascinating reading about the inside turmoil, backroom dealing and backstabbing that goes on in this Party.

It’s not the first time ‘Albo’ has been called Albasleazy! Albanese shows up Gillard weakness | Daily Telegraph Piers Akerman … If it had been a Conservative, the media would have been salivating and dribbling all over the place, just like they do about Climate Change on a hot day. Question 1: Define Sexism and Misogyny at Catallaxy Files

  • catallaxyfiles.com/2012/10/09/​question-1-define-sexism-and-misogyny

    The best line was the last line by Albasleazy – “Good to talk to you, Leigh”. Is that the usual response to having an interviewer tear you a new one?!

Print off, laminate and stick this on the fridge in case of spontaneous back spasm

Reader  “seeker of truth” wants to make sure that no crook back in Marrickville goes unrubbed:

Albo’s electoral office is 334a Marrickville Road, Marrickville.
Just down the road there is a legit massage therapy business Dulwich Hill Chiropractic & Therapeutic Centre, 2/554 Marrickville Road Dulwich Hill NSW
I wonder if True Thai Massage gives a health fund rebate?
Me thinks someone has been caught with his pants down.

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