the stuff of life, CO2 …

For some years now, I have been spouting the benefits of warmer climates, higher CO2 in the atmosphere, and this in turn adds more moisture to the air, eventually providing a massive benefit to plant life. Here Don Keiller puts it all into an easy understood form via Bishop Hill.

Don Keiller on plants and carbon dioxide

Mar 19, 2013

There has been some discussion in the comments about Don Keiller’s undergraduate lecture about plants and carbon dioxide. Don has kindly sent over the slides, which can be seen here.

It is disappointing to me to see the sun go quiet, causing a cooling effect which does nobody any good. Love that CO2:

BBC Shock News: Life Thrived At 4,000 PPM CO2 — ‘On one page, the BBC tells us 400 PPM CO2 will destroy the planet, & on another page they tell us the planet thrived at 4,000 PPM’


ScreenHunter_184 Mar. 13 18.45

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