rotten to the core … rally

If you can get to Canberra tomorrow, this event will become history, as Comrade Gillard’s crimes become unraveled.

Mr Kernohan goes to Canberra

I just spoke to a very sprightly and super-keen Bob Kernohan.

He’s on his way to Canberra.

Bob’s expecting to speak on the lawn out the front of Parliament House tomorrow.   He’s got some fascinating history has Bob.

Bob hawke and bob kernohan

So far for his efforts, he has been beaten, threatened and blacklisted by the Union movement that the Comrade helped fleece. Read his invitation to attend on Michael Smith’s blog.

Parliament House, Canberra

Parliament House, Canberra


Best wishes for Bob tomorrow from Michael Smith News. Pindanpost too.

Bob kernohan

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4 Responses to rotten to the core … rally

  1. cairnsnews says:

    The Marxist and Fabian Socialist Hawke has a lot to answer for as do his successors. They have at the behest of the ILO almost achieved their aims of bringing Australia to its knees. What they didn’t count on back in the 60’s and 70’s with their satanistic plans was the resilience of the average Australian. Any overt embrace with Communism will now be rejected outright.

  2. john barton says:

    Yes this rally was an absolute belter – approx 20 people attended. Bob Kernohan had tears in his eyes as he realised his only support was from the rattiest of the ratbags. He seriously needs to move on.

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