biting cold … celebrity bitten

Global warmist celebrity: bitten by cold …

  • Antarctic Sea Ice Starts Growing Again 5 Days Early: ‘Antarctic Sea Ice Extent has now hit its minimum for the year, and has begun growing again’

Sir Ranulph had better avoid returning to the US: US Pummeled By Record Cold And Snow

From Tom Nelson, Europe looks pretty depressing too: Another Cold Month Ahead For The UK | Real Science

It is likely to be cold at first with the winds from the east, and the likelihood is that the middle of the month may become colder, before we see a rise of temperature towards the end of March.

Germany Weathers Darkest Winter in 43 Years | Watts Up With That?

About Tom Harley

Amateur ecologist and horticulturalist and CEO of Kimberley Environmental Horticulture Inc. (Tom Harley)
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