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How BENDABLE batteries of the future will power pacemakers and bouncing cell phones

By Daily Mail Reporter


A team of engineers have developed a new flexible battery that will pave the way for a number of medical and technological advancements.

By creating the small batteries so that they can be bent and stretched to an extreme degree, it will allow doctors to sew them directly into cardiac tissue.

Once fully completed, the new batteries will also lead to technological improvements that will be helpful to the accident-prone.

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Flexible: The small battery can be twisted up to 300 per cent from it's normal structure without breaking

Flexible: The small battery can be twisted up to 300 per cent from it’s normal structure without breaking

‘Such stretchable batteries enable true integration with stretchable electronics in a small package,’ co-creator Yonggang Huang from Northwestern University told NBC News.

The small battery can…

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