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OK, I don’t have as many references for this as I’d like. I was only “half listening” to a ‘news’ story that went by on The Weather Channel. I didn’t catch the name of the presenter and have not found the exact ‘story’ on line, yet. If / when I find them, I’ll add links. (Others are encouraged to find them if they can…)

The basic story was about the ‘ozone hole’ over Antarctica. How it was making things all wrong in Antarctica and was tied in with extra cold vortex effects. All the usual Ozone Hole Tripe. No big… But…

At the end of the pitch, the presenter, who stressed he was on the South Shetland Islands in Antarctica, proceeded to state that it was “Warmer here, than in our”{something like a US city somewhere}. Obligatory penguins in the background of the shot. Basically asserting that due to the…

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