sense and sensibility …

Someone else noticed, Dr Benjamin Carson makes too much sense.

Fear And Blame

Remember Hope And Change? That was just a decoy – the real strategy is Fear and Blame.

Hurricanes and all other weather events are now Republicans and Libertarians fault. Psychotic killers are also Republicans and Libertarians fault. These are called national security issues, in an effort to make dissent illegal. Same strategy used in all Communist countries.

We can still stop this from happening, but it will require that the Republican leadership in Congress quit being a bunch of pussies.

We need actual leaders like Dr. Benjamin Carson, who are intelligent enough and unafraid to speak the truth.

Calvin Coolidge, Dr. Benjamin Carson, and Us

by Rick Richman

Coolidge’s ideals still resonate, as reflected by Carson’s much-loved recent speech. (Related: For Ed Driscoll’s recent interview with Amity Shlaes, the author of Coolidge, click here.)

Not to be confused with this: Parody video: Evolution of Liberal Dance

February 24, 2013 12:28 AM by Michelle Malkin

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