fighting for country … against big mining

This message comes from Goolarabooloo matriarch, Teresa Roe:

Message from Teresa and the family – they are so happy to have reached 10000

We just want to say a big thank you from me, all the Goolarabooloo families and the people of Broome.

We hoped 5000 might sign this, we’ve got 10 000, and it is still going.

Thanks to all you people across the world for standing with us. We don’t want country to die.

I have my children, and my grand children and my great grandchildren all around me. I’m happy. I just don’t want them to destroy country. Country looks after us, gives us what we need. We need to keep it alive – for everyone – blackfella and whitefella… for all the people to come.

My grandson Donny is just one of our family who walked the country with my father, Paddy (Lulu).

Donny says ‘Lulu fought a big millionaire mining company to stop them destroying country years ago. He opened the country up for everyone – for black, for white, no matter what colour. We camp on that country, fish on that country – we walk the Lurujarri trail every year and share the stories with whitefellas. The country is for everyone to enjoy and look after’

We want to keep this country alive for our children, and for everyone.

My father fought for this country, and the government said it should be protected. Nothing has changed – it should still be protected, and now only Tony Burke can stop them. We are asking him to ACT NOW.

Thank you for standing with us.
Teresa Roe

Goolarabooloo and Lurujarri Heritage Trail‘s photo.
Paddy Roe with Spinifex wax grass
Paddy Roe with Spinifex wax grass
  • Tony Burke: Protect sacred Aboriginal burial grounds in the Kimberley – Sign the Petition!

    Ainsley Devlin just signed this petition on

    215 signatures are still needed!

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