CSIRO condemned … lost their way

I once regarded the CSIRO as a superlative organization, not politically parochial but a boon to science and discovery, particularly in rural fields like I was involved in. How things have changed over the previous decade, but more rapidly in the last 5 years. It is no wonder past and retired CSIRO scientists look on aghast at it’s current state:

The Political Corrosion of the CSIRO

Tom Quirk

[…]The CSIRO’s great days were in providing technical solutions for Australia’s farm sector, where small-scale producers were unable to fund innovation or capture its fruits. At that time, Australia’s universities were unable to undertake the public-good research and a specialist institution was established.

Those days are now decades gone, but the institution remains like a dead weight on the Australian economy and its contributing scientific base, providing mediocre public-sector careers for scientists who are insulated from the increasingly globalised Australian economy. The extension of the CSIRO’s role beyond agriculture was based on the misunderstanding that businesses were co-operative rather than competitive and industrial innovations could be effortlessly created and transferred from a research bench to a business […]

The ideology of the left’s climate alarms have completed the rot.

UPDATE, as seen from Britain:

ABC of bias

Dec 23, 2012

A couple of interesting bits and piece from Oz.

Tony Thomas looks at the ABC’s claim to be not nearly so biased as the BBC, covering the CMEP story and my Propaganda Bureau pamphlet in some detail.

“We may be biased but we’re not as bad as the bad boys in the Beeb” is a pretty weak claim, but I’m not sure even this is going to hold up well in the light of Jo Nova’s revelation of how the ABC edited the interview they did of Jo and her husband.

What a sorry state of affairs.

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