ABC’s false propaganda exposed … by scientific evidence

A recent ABC documentary trying (unsuccessfully, I might add) to change yours and my mind about anthropogenic global warming. Insurance was on hand when they visited Dr David Evans and Joanne Nova, in the form of two extra cameras, non stop recording the whole affair. Jo has now released the videos, showing 2 different angles, without editing.

This shows beyond doubt that any and all points made by the pair falsifying the evidence of AGW were edited out from the ABC documentary. This take comes from Catallaxy Files: Warmies and the ABC in the gutter again, exposed by Jo Nova

An ABC team visited Jo Nova’s place to film some discussion for the “I can change your mind” climate documentary. Jo arranged for an additional camera to record the whole thing so that any dirty pool could be exposed.

Sure enough.

“When the Smith and Nasht came to our house (on behalf of the ABC) to take footage for the “I can change your mind” documentary, David and I asked fellow skeptic and camera-man Barry Corke if he could film them filming us, so we have our own copy of what happened.

In the final version that went to air, not only did three of the four key sets of evidence that fuel our skepticism vanish, the editors split and diced sentences to make it appear that David said a sentence he never actually said. He doesn’t think the poorly sited thermometers show the “models were wrong” (we have much better evidence than that); that’s illogical and absurd. Everything I said of any substance was edited out (which I’m kinda proud of). They came all that way to watch me try to convince Anna Rose, then left me with 18 bland words. Perhaps what I discussed (and Anna’s weak replies) was too dangerous, not easy to mock, and they couldn’t ambush Nick Minchin with any experts that could debunk what I said?

Obviously Smith &Nasht were on a fishing trip here (funded by you and me). They were fishing for ways to discredit skeptics. In the end they had to resort to deleting 75% of the evidence, and 100% of my points. Blind commentators later claimed that the bloggers had no credibility.”

I think it was just a way for ABC staff to go on a world wide junket.

Update, how it was seen in the UK: ABC of bias

Dec 23, 2012

A couple of interesting bits and piece from Oz.

Tony Thomas looks at the ABC’s claim to be not nearly so biased as the BBC, covering the CMEP story and my Propaganda Bureau pamphlet in some detail.

“We may be biased but we’re not as bad as the bad boys in the Beeb” is a pretty weak claim, but I’m not sure even this is going to hold up well in the light of Jo Nova’s revelation of how the ABC edited the interview they did of Jo and her husband.

What a sorry state of affairs.

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