Trade Union leaders’ gravy train rolls on …

Carrying on as usual in footsteps started by the early union years of Painters and Dockers, (The notorious Painters and Dockers were linked to 15 murders, 23 acts of violence where death may have resulted and 38 incidents of violence) BLU and most others, now with different names like AWU, AMWFEU or something, the gravy train rolls on. The Labor Party, made up of past Union leaders and lawyers have facilitated their every move. More recently, the HSU has been caught with their leader’s fingers, hands and arms in the proverbial cookie jar.

The present generation to watch here: Australia’s 15 most powerful Union Heavies.

Now it’s the waterfront and customs people again, bringing in drugs and guns, probably just the tip of the iceberg. I bet the union is well and truly in control of it.

About Tom Harley

Amateur ecologist and horticulturalist and CEO of Kimberley Environmental Horticulture Inc. (Tom Harley)
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3 Responses to Trade Union leaders’ gravy train rolls on …

  1. Garry says:

    Wow, how well informed you are. Im glad unbiased and inteligent people like you are out there publishing such facts as these for the general public to read.
    When you have pulled your head out of the sand long enough to talk a breath I might pop back and see if there is anything worth reading on YOUR BLOG (noun. A Web site containing the writer’s or group of writers’ own experiences, observations, opinions, etc., and often having images and links to other Web sites.

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