ABC’s continued failure …

Tke ABC Pravda is found out. Former Chairman Maurice Newman has worked it out. The ABC is a badly run propaganda outfit of the left. Joanne Nova reports: […]Newman points out this is more politics than science: No deceit is too great. Character assassination is the name-of-the-game and he found comments from a skeptical scientist who once lived under a communist regime to be apropos.

Lubos Motl, a climate commentator and string theory physicist, said about the ABC’s Science Show: “We used to hear some remotely similar (Czech) propaganda programs until 1989 … but the public radio and TV simply can’t produce programs that would be this dishonest, manipulative, hateful and insulting any more”.
The ABC Charter is clear, it is supposed to represent all Australians:Keep reading  →
They could not have tried harder to jerk off most Australians than their current effort, even reporting the recent harsh freeze in the Northern Hemisphere as ‘unexpected’. As I have said time and time again, what stupid jerks, the lot of them, but some (Williams, etc) are worse than others.
William’s fantasy: The Green Dream Coming True

Sinclair Davidson has this post up: Will Maurice Newman be Australia’s Lord McAlpine? II

and Steven Goddard again:

Global Warming Skiing Devastation Continues

ScreenHunter_154 Dec. 17 13.13

Winter Storm Draco – 2012 | Weather Underground

During snowy weeks, we are told that the snow is due to global warming. During non-snowy weeks we are told that skiing is doomed because of global warming is keeping it from snowing.

UPDATE: Your ABC. Full of Walter Durantys.

Interview: Roger L. Simon and Sheryl Longin on The Party Line

by Ed Driscoll

Meet Walter Duranty: Perhaps the first journalist to keep the news to himself — but certainly not the last.

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