Connecting the dots … part5, serving time

Law firms were very generous to Labor: A comment on Catallaxy says, S&G and Maurice Blackburn keeping the ALP in the money, so, yeah, why not promote from within…

Maurice Blackburn is the firm to which the Prime Minister’s former supervising partner, Bernard Murphy, moved in 1995 after resigning from Slater & Gordon.

It is also the firm at which federal Attorney-General Nicola Roxon worked from 1996 to 1998…

In April last year, the Gillard government announced the appointment of Mr Murphy, then chairman of Maurice Blackburn, to the Federal Court. He was the first Victorian solicitor to be appointed a Federal Court judge.

Both law firms donate exclusively to the Labor Party.

Well they do work for the unions so it’s only natural they donate to the Liars Party.

Their donations in recent years have been generous compared with fellow labour law firm Holding Redlich, which has also donated exclusively to Labor in recent years.

Holding Redlich gave $57,000 in 2010-11 and $49,000 in 2009-10 to Labor’s NSW and Victorian branches.

Holding and Redlich, again. They rated a mention in Connecting the dots … Part 4.

Well, he would, wouldn’t he?: Judge denies wrongdoing in AWU slush fund affair | Sure, Judge, so why did Gillard appoint you again?

    • Justice Bernard Murphy said he quit the law firm in late 1995 – around the same time Ms Gillard left – because he had become “unhappy” working at Slater & Gordon.

      So did he take the AWU account with him over to Maurice Blackburn, where Attorney General Nicola Roxon took over? Full circle. Connecting the dots … Part 1 

      So, who else was appointed on high by our Comrade Prime Minister:

      Julia Gillard - Press Conference
      Patrick KeaneGillard appoints Patrick Keane, who has responsibility for the missing files in the AWU scandal, as High Court judgeby on November 24, 2012 in Chief Justice Patrick Keane, Federal Court of Australia

      Federal Court Chief Justice Patrick Keane has been appointed as a High Court judge by Julia Gillard. One of Keane’s recent judgements was described as being “an appalling judgment” by Slater and Gordon CEO Andrew Grech. Keane is also the person ultimately responsible for the missing files in the AWU scandal. His appointment to the High Court […]

      “The Victorian Secretary of the Australian Workers Union, Cesar Melhem, is aligned with the dominant Labor Unity faction. Mr Melhem says the Premier’s idea to change the pre-selection process is worth experimenting with, but only on the margins”

      The Terrigals are/were linked with this faction federally and were dominant in NSW.

      “Forget the rank and file, three Labor head-office terrigals won Iemma the premiership: Mark Arbib, Administrative Secretary of the NSW Labor Party, Joe Tripodi, currently Minister for Housing and terrigal founder and leader Eddie Obeid……
      …….He(Arbib) has developed a formidable national alliance with Bill Shorten, Senator Stephen Conroy of Victoria and the hornery AWU stalwart and king maker from Queensland Bill Ludwig. Arbib not only
      controls who will be Premier in NSW, along
      with his Right wing colleagues, Shorten,
      Conroy and Ludwig, he controls Kim Beazley’s
      fate as well” (Hmmmmm, why did he leave Federal parliament so quickly??)

      Who else was important was important in the NSW right? You guessed it Michael Williamson!

      Arbib, Obeid, Tripodi, Ludwig(and Howes), Conroy, Williamson and Shorten(Melhem). This coterie were among the key decision makers that Australia’s last elected PM wasn’t good enough (that is he stopped listening to the “faceless men”) and they appointed someone they could control, who would listen (Who in turn was selected as leader by independents driven by their loathing of the national party and greens with a loathing anything conservative).

      Still in the ‘family’, lawyer and Senator, Joe Ludwig: His father, Bill Ludwig, is National President of the Australian Workers Union, one of Australia’s largest trade unions, and is a powerful figure in the Queensland branch of the Labor Party. Ludwig (junior) was educated at the University of Queensland, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts, the Queensland University of Technology, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Laws, and the Australian National University, where he completed a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice.

      Ludwig began his career as an Industrial Inspector and Training Consultant, before moving to the Queensland Branch of the Australian Workers’ Union

      Michael Williamson? Oh, THAT Michael Williamson:

      • Senior Vice President the New South Wales branch of the Australian Labor Party, and a member of their industrial committee. He is also a member of their Advisory Council.[citation needed]
      • Trustee of First State Super and a Director of SGE Credit Union.[2]
      • Part owns IT company United Edge.[3]

      Fraud allegations

      On 4 October, 2012, Williamson was charged with offences relating to fraud and obstruction of justice and was suspended as director of United Edge

      Speaking of fraud, ‘dead cat’ Obeid too: Obeid smell ‘like a dead cat’: ICAC |

      • FORMER Labor MP Eddie Obeid and his family left a smell like a “dead cat” on a failed coal mining deal, a businessman has told a NSW corruption inquiry. John Kinghorn …

      Whose fighting changes from Faulkner to reduce the ALP’s control by the unions, you guessed it THE UNITY FACTION.

      I think there are links to be investigated, perhaps initially by ICAC, and eventually by a Federal Coalition’s Royal Commission that will prove even more damning for the ALP, it needs to clean house and do it soon, but who in the ALP can we trust to do this? Royal Commission into the AWU allegations and Gillard’s …

      Missing files? Now I get it. A ‘gaggle of lawyers’.
      All those lawyers can’t put Julia back together again, Pickering:

      Is the Prime Minister a crook?

      Julia Gillard’s latest makeover appears insufficient to cover her past.

      An embattled Ralph Blewitt’s testimony will be challenged by the might of the PM’s Office but it is all too late. Basic truths are rapidly mushrooming to the surface and Pickering Post’s impeccable sources now appear to know more than even Ralph Blewitt knows.

      The Pickering Post will not again ask the Prime Minister for answers. We don’t need to ask now.

      We already know the answers and they are not pretty.

      WA Premier, Brian Burke, Alan Bond and Laurie Connell all served time. The infamous Wilson/Gillard alliance emerged from the ashes of the WA Inc. scandal.

      That Royal Commission did nothing to eradicate the next wave of corrupt union gangsters.

      AWU boss, Bruce Morten Wilson was part of that new wave. Julia Eileen Gillard was later to become his pregnant girlfriend and partner in further crime.

      Stories abound of a Perth-based Wilson capitalising on the growing WA boom regarding companies other than Thiess Contractors.

      Pickering Post has been told, by various sources, of instances of a brash Wilson barging into developers’ boardrooms. The same old union threats to interrupt concrete pours caused ashen-faced board members to reach deep in their pockets.

      It appeared extortion monies paid were going to the AWU. They weren’t. Eventually there were, in total, 12 illegal accounts. There was about to become a 13th illegal account and an extortion avalanche.

      The story starts in 1992: Thiess Contractors’ WA Manager, Joe Trio was tendering for a lucrative wetlands job south of Perth. Wilson approached his friends in the then Labor Government and promised industrial peace if Thiess won the tender. Joe Trio’s Thiess Contractors won the tender.

      There was no industrial unrest for the duration. Wilson now realised his immense political and fiscal power.

      Ominously, Joe Trio was married to Bruce Wilson’s sister.

      Later, in 1993, sums of money were appearing in a fraudulent account of Wilson’s, the account was disguised as an “AWU Workplace Reform Association” account.

      We cannot confirm this, but ex-union sources are emphatic that it was Thiess Manager, Joe Trio, Wilson’s brother-in-law, who told Wilson illicit payments could not be paid directly to him. It was Trio who insisted Wilson set up accounts that would not attract attention.

      Enter Julia Gillard, a young and naive, hard Left, lawyer, who naturally gravitated to the notorious Left wing law firm, Slater & Gordon. Peter Gordon of Slater & Gordon appointed Gillard as union envoy to Perth.

      He instructed Gillard to hop on a plane and look after the “big boss”, Mr Bruce Wilson. Gillard certainly did that.

      That night, at a dinner for union heavies at an exclusive Perth restaurant, Gillard and Wilson were finally left alone. At breakfast the next morning both were celebrating the consummation of what was to become a serious chapter in Australian political history.

      Wilson accepted the position of Branch Secretary of the AWU in Melbourne. He resigned from the WA AWU but continued his remuneration from both branches.

      Gillard then teamed up with Wilson and agreed to act for him, as Slater & Gordon already acted for the Vic. AWU.


      Gillard, needing expert help, requested the assistance of another in-house lawyer, Bernard Murphy, to draw up the Association of Objects for the illegal account. They both worked on drafting the document. Gillard authored and signed the document.

      Later, as PM, Gillard appointed Bernard Murphy as a Judge of the Federal Court.

      Solicitors hold a copy of following chapters of this story:

      Following instalments are ongoing and damaging. They include Shorten and Conroy’s role in the scandal. They include the immense and dastardly power of Gillard’s sacred hero, Bill Ludwig… how Gillard honoured his advice to her: “When you have the numbers, you can do what you like.” Why police investigations into Wilson were shelved. I sit at Bob Kernohan’s bedside in an unnamed Melbourne hospital. How the Left downed daggers with the Unity Right long enough to assassinate Rudd and install Gillard. How Blewitt was shafted by Gillard and Wilson. Why he never received one cent of stolen funds.

      The payoffs, the bribes the sackings. Who is behind the repatriation of Blewitt and what he will say. Those in the ALP now plotting Gillard’s demise. It is a gripping saga and we have the full story… a story that will cause a Government to fall.

      connecting the dots … Part 1 

      Connecting the dots … Part 2

      connecting the dots … part3

      connecting the dots … part4

      Part 5 above … Jail (my bold throughout)

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