Connecting the dots … Part 2

After starting Part 1 with Emily’s List, the name Kevin Reynolds came up, so here I look at some more connections to see what comes up.

Kevin Reynolds, Bruce Wilson: The Mayne Report – Past comments about AWU embezzlement: […]

[…] Mr Cambridge has been active in uncovering unauthorised accounts operated by former Victorian and West Australian secretary Mr Bruce Wilson.

Mr Wilson was a former factional ally of Mr Cambridge and powerful Queensland secretary Mr Bill Ludwig, but was dumped by the group after the irregularities were first uncovered.

The Harrison group, however, has attacked the Ludwig faction for not supporting an inquiry into Mr Wilson’s branch in 1992.

But in a further twist, the Harrison group approved a redundancy payout for Mr Wilson and five other officials, which was later overturned by the Industrial Court. The court found no impropriety in the payment[…]

[…] It was alleged in a statutory declaration read into the parliamentary Hansard that Mr Shorten had told a union official he would not rest “until (the) crooks are in jail and the money is returned in full to the union” […]

This bit was from March 2006: […]Describing her attackers as “lying cowards”, Ms Gillard yesterday dismissed the claims that she had attempted to swap factions or had renovations paid for by the AWU.

“The people making these allegations are cowards who skulk around anonymously,” she said.

And Labor frontbencher Joel Fitzgibbon denied he had held talks with NSW ALP secretary Mark Arbib to allow Ms Gillard to swap factions, and dismissed the latest allegations as lies […]

Sheesh, now this: Julia left counting cost of lover’s con – Gillard admits: `I was naive’
The Sunday Telegraph, November 11, 2007


JULIA Gillard fell in love with a former union official and fraudster who broke her heart and threatened to destroy her political career.

Ms Gillard, 46, who is poised to become Deputy Prime Minister if Labor wins office in two weeks’ time, yesterday confirmed she was a union lawyer when she fell for the conman.

As a solicitor acting on instructions, she set up an association later used by her lover to defraud the Australian Workers Union (AWU).

But she has strenuously denied ever knowing what the association’s bank accounts were used for.

Ms Gillard, who in her early thirties was a lawyer with Melbourne-based Labor firm Slater&Gordon at the time of the fraud, acted for the AWU.

She met Bruce Morton Wilson, who was then the West Australian AWU secretary, while representing the union in the Industrial Relations
Commission. Wilson later moved to Melbourne, where Ms Gillard lived, to become Victorian secretary of the union.

“These matters happened between 12 and 15 years ago,” Ms Gillard told The Sunday Telegraph. “I was young and naive.

“I was in a relationship, which I ended, and obviously it was all very distressing. I am by no means the first person to find out that someone close turns out to be different to what you had believed them to be. It’s an ordinary human error.

“I was obviously hurt when I was later falsely accused publicly of wrong-doing. I didn’t do anything wrong and to have false allegations in the media was distressing.

“The whole thing has taught me some lessons about life, generally, and [about] the slings and arrows of public life, in particular.

“I think that I have emerged a stronger person as a result.”

The relationship, briefly mentioned in Victoria’s Parliament in 1995, re-surfaced this year when rogue WA CFMEU union official Kevin Reynolds referred to the affair at a union meeting. Accusing Ms Gillard of hypocrisy, Mr Reynolds told members it was just one of many secrets he would reveal about Labor’s inner circle.

Looks like Kevin knows a lot more. So I added Bill Ludwig’s name to the list on Bing and lo and behold: Australian Workers Union funds paid Bill Ludwig’s bills | The … SIGNED CHEQUES: Bill Ludwig, president of the Australian Workers Union. Source: News Limited […] Oh, look! There’s Craig Thomson’s name:

Mr Ludwig has long been a powerful figure in Queensland.

Mr Rudd’s tenure as prime minister folded after Mr Ludwig and the AWU put their support behind Julia Gillard on the night of the leadership coup.

AWU support was also crucial for Anna Bligh when she became Queensland Premier, and again when she tried to push asset sales through the Labor conference.

The AWU represents more than 135,000 Australian workers, including many employed in low-paid positions.

They include unskilled farm and council workers as well as those in manufacturing, gas, aviation, construction and hospitality.

The revelations of Mr Ludwig’s legal costs follow the ongoing controversy involving federal MP Craig Thomson.

Mr Thomson received cash from NSW Labor for his legal fees following a defamation action stemming from accusations he misused union credit cards. He revealed the party paid his legal bills after the defamation action, against Fairfax media, was dropped.

So I look up Craig Thomson on pindanpost and aha, Mark Arbib joins the cast.

Next, Mark Arbib and Bruce Wilson: Julia Gillard’s case of true bluey ambition; Claire Harvey From … about her boyfriends, including union officials Michael O’Connor and Bruce Wilson. … back in 2004, Gillard “routinely referred to the likes of Albanese, Swan, Mark ArbibThe Craig Thomson story of prostitutes and verbal slander[…] In his maiden speech he pays tribute to the Labor powerbrokers Mark Arbib and Karl Bitar. April 2009: The Sydney Morning Herald publishes allegations that Thomson’s Health … Julia Gillard’s former lover and fraudster Bruce Wilson found by … Bruce Wilson is the one person who very much holds the key as far as knowledge and … Senator Mark Arbib; Senator Scott Ludlam; Senator Stephen Conroy; Shadow Attorney General ...

Michael O’Connor yet another, no I haven’t heard of him before, so: Union Heavies – Michael O’Connor – The Power Index Michael O’Connor isn’t fazed that Paul Keating once called him a Labor rat who should be … ally of resources minister Martin Ferguson and prime minister Julia Gillard, his …Gillard phones union boss over ‘offensive’ joke […]Ms Gillard said that she had called CFMEU national secretary Michael O’Connor – who is the brother of Housing Minister Brendan O’Connor – to express her concern.

Now we have Brendan O’Connor, gee this is a fun game, like 2 degrees of separation, or was it supposed to be 6. On to Part 3 later.

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