actually no rise in 100 years …

The seas are not paying any attention to the climate scamming pocket-liners. If they had, Broome would have been underwater 50 years ago. Chinatown was built on the high tide level to service the Pearling fleet over 100 years ago. It is still there in the same place. Surrounded still by the same mangroves and ones that were cleared then grew back, 100 years ago to make room for luggers.

Sea level rise is not accelerating either (More HERE via Greenie Watch))

Meteorologist Klaus-Eckart Puls: Sea Level Rise Has Slowed 34% Over The Last Decade!

German veteran meteorologist Klaus-Eckart Puls here has done an analysis of sea level rise. Contrary to claims made by fringe alarmist physicists, we see that sea level rise has decelerated markedly since 2003.

In his report, Puls writes that even TOPEX and JASON 1+2 show no acceleration. “The acceleration calculated by the models and constantly reported by the media does not exist!”  Puls adds:

“It is obvious to see that sea level rise has slowed down significantly. In view of the relatively short time frame in which the measurements have been made, it should not be speculated on whether the deceleration in the rise is a trend change or if it is only noise. What is certain is that there is neither  a ‘dramatic’ rise, nor an ‘acceleration’. Conclusion: Climate models that project an acceleration over the last 20 years are wrong.”

Puls fitted a polynomial curve to the data from TOPEX and JASON 1+2:

“The result is no surprise. The 20-year data series of global sea level rise shows a weakening!” No wonder con-artist Al Gore bought a mansion on the beachfront. It’s great living in a world of suckers and dimwit media.

But let’s not rely solely on the satellite data, which has been around only a measly 20 years, to infer a trend. Let’s compare it to tide gauges, which have been used well over one hundred years. Puls presents the following chart of the trend of the German bight”.  Puls writes:

“An evaluation shows: Also tide gauges indicate a slow-down in sea level rise, and do so with a statistically very ”robust” dataset of 160 years.”

Conclusion:  “We have found no indication that sea level has accelerated over the last 30 years. It doesn’t look good for the fans of acceleration.”

Puls summarizes:  “The latest alarmist reports on the supposedly dramatic sea level rise for the present and the future cannot be confirmed by actual measurements. Quite to the contrary, they are refuted by the data. Globally neither tide nor satellite data show an acceleration of sea level rise. Rather they show a slow-down. Moreover they starkly contradict the previous and current claims coming from climate institutes. Also there are good indications that the satellite data were ‘overly corrected’ using inflated amounts.“

(See the original for links, graphics etc.)

Charter vessel at low tide, Streeters Jetty where luggers once used to tie up

Charter vessel at low tide, Streeters Jetty where luggers once used to tie up

High tide laps the car park and floods these mangroves twice a day.

High tide laps the car park and floods these mangroves twice a day.

High tide at Streeter's jetty, new buildings replace the old shed.

High tide at Streeter’s jetty, new buildings replace the old shed.

Streeters jetty in the ’60s …

Streeters Jetty, pearl shed '60s

Flynn, John, 1880-1951. View of beached pearling luggers in Broome, Western Australia [picture]

I used to beach a fishing boat in the same spot in the ‘1980s.

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