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I’ve been reading about some of the health rhetoric surrounding Britain’s NHS At least here in Australia, we have a two tiered system where Private Hospitals treat insured patients. Sometimes they even see public patients for minor surgery investigations.

I was fortunate to travel 2000km + to visit a Private Hospital in a Capital City for a procedure a couple of times in recent years, although when something was found wrong, I was immediately sent off to the Public Hospital for treatment.  The difference was stark. It was like going from a 5 star Hotel to a backpackers. At least the staff made up for it. Even had the Tactical Response Team (SWAT) in the Theatre Recovery Ward in theatre gowns to watch another patient with shotgun wounds. A black comedy that place was.

They don’t get a choice in the UK. It all depends on what the ‘Death Panel’ decides:

Annals of Government Medicine

Featured imageSocialized medicine seems to lead inexorably to the callous treatment of patients. That currently is the foremost complaint that Englishmen have about their National Health Service. It is very much as though your loved ones were being cared for by postal workers. One thing about the NHS, however: it distributes its lousy health care in egalitarian fashion. It isn’t just the poor who are ignored and left to die miserably, »

Must look again at healing with trees.

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