a pile of bull … global warming bull

Combet is clueless, caught out here by Andrew Bolt. He is under pressure from his decision to sign up for Kyoto2. New Zealand is not, so he is all alone here, all he has left to try justifying himself, is to falsely attack.

The real bulls— is what Combet is standing in

Climate Change Minister Greg Combet on Tony Abbott:

Everything he has said about this issue – to be frank about it and so we don’t misunderstand anything I’m saying – has been complete bulls—

You want to hear real bulls— on global warming? Then hear it from someone who isn’t Tony Abbott:

There will be no carbon tax under a government I lead.”

We are going to have a clean energy future.”

carbon pollution

We’ve got parts of our country, some of our great icons like the Barrier Reef, that are really at risk from climate change. “

Countries around the world are acting the world is moving. “

… looking at tidal power. What a great source of renewable energy for our country. What a great source of jobs for the future.”

We’ll see agricultural land in the Murray Darling Basin no longer able to be used for agriculture.

we will go out to market and tender to retire 2000 megawatts of dirtythe dirtiest electricity generation.”

You are sick of bulls—, Greg? Then tell your own leader to can it. Andrew Bolt November 10 2012 (6:14am)

Speaking of bull, ‘climastrologist’ Karoly of Gergisgate fame is fact checked by Bolt: Overheating in Mildura detected David Karoly, whose paper claiming unprecedented warming in Australasia had to be withdrawn, tells the ABC – in a story on climate change and bushfires – that Mildura residents have never been so hot and dry:

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